Friday, September 12, 2008

Someone please help my mom . . .

Ok - so I think I may have lost it (well, the rest of it anyway). Last night, as I'm watching re-runs of "The Girls Next Door" I remembered that I actually DID have a bunny costume that I bought last year after Halloween - it was on sale- of course I bought it! And, I truly believe that my "bunny issues" have been here all along and have just recently surfaced with the show on E!

Anyway - during a commercial - I went to the basement to change the laundry - AND, to find the bunny costume. I get back upstairs with bunny ears and cottontail in hand found my model, ie - my poor dog Daisy, and starting snapping pictures. Oh, and I totally forgot to change the laundry and thus had to sleep on my mattress with the only clean sheet in the house.

But, my dog is such a good sport - even though it WAS after 10pm and she is usually dog-tired (pun intended) and pretty much will let me do ANYTHING to her at that time of night.

Today, I'm sure that whatever is within her reach to chew up and destroy will meet it's demise for the following 5 reasons:

"I'm soooooooooo going to chew a purse or shoes for this"