Sunday, March 1, 2009

And we have a name.... I think.....

Ok - so if don't know about the new addition to my family... go here first.

So, at last post - I have a new little one in my home but she was name-less until today. At least for now anyway - there's always a chance I'll change my mind (I'm prone to doing so) but, I think I've come up with a cute name for my new puppy.

We all know about my girl Daisy - and how for the past two years she has been literally the center of my universe. Ahhhh to be a dog and to wind up at Shopgirls' house - it's total heaven.
Anyway - since I have a Daisy I wanted to give the new pupper-doodle a "flower name" as well. So, after much thinking, Internet googling, and just plain trying out several different names (who knew there were sooooo many names of flowers?) I think I have it.

I really liked Lily - but, my that is my niece's name and don't think it would be appropriate to call my dog that name. But, after trying:
Sweet Pea
Tulip - or Tula
and even Dahlia (my original thought - but when I actually looked up the flower Dahlia? yeah... it's not a pretty flower - to me anyway - so um, no...)

So I was back to the flowers I like. Well Daisies are my favs and Tulips are my second favs but then when I look at the pup - she just LOOKS like a Lily. What's a Shopgirl to do?

I then started looking at "other" types of names - names with a meaning - no flower connection at all. But I couldn't find anything. I kept going back to Lily. Then I thought about some of my travels, and thought about my favorite places. Hawaii - looked up all Hawaiian names (but really? I'm not going to be able to spell any of them) Then it hit me. One of my FAVORITE places to travel the last couple of years was California (specifically San Diego), but since she's not a HE - Diego was out. Then I got it! Cali-lily or Cali for short.

What do you think (not you David) I know, you wanted Petunia or Daphne or Daffy (for daffodil) or Pansy, but: No. No. Maybe. and Possibly.

It's between Cali and Tula. At least for now . . . .
So, is she a Cali or a Tula?