Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 6 . . . I think I can I think I can . .

Day 6 of Giving Thanks - who would have thunk this would have been so hard?? But, here's my daily 10.

1. I'm thankful that's it's day 6.
2. I'm thankful my girls from the OC are back on Bravo.
3. I'm thankful tomorrow is my last day of work (for the week!)
4. I'm thankful I'm finally home, it's been a long day.
5. I'm thankful my cold is mostly gone.
6. I'm thankful I get to wear jeans tomorrow at work - woo hoo! (it's day 6 people, I'm running out of things here!)
7. I'm thankful that my mom stopped over tonight to let the Daisy Dog out for me (but she left my door OPEN - not unlocked, OPEN! So that was a little scary!!)
8. I'm thankful NO INTRUDERS were in here because see this to find out what Daisy would have done.
9. I'm thankful for Fudgesicles (again) they are just so yummy!
10. I'm thankful for my comfy bed . . . here I come.

Beware! NO GUARD DOG lives here!

You know that I love my pooch more than ANYTHING in the world right? And I think that she is the CUTEST and MOST ADOREABLE DOG OUT THERE. Well, she is, indeed the cutest dog, but I’m going to have to remove GUARD DOG from her resume’. You see, this morning, my wonderful sister-in-law dropped off a pie plate for me to use for the Apple Pie I’ll be attempting to bake for Thanksgiving. Martha Stewart I’m not, so this should be fun. That will be another post I’m SURE.

Anyhoodle – My sis-in-law gets to work before I even THINK about getting up in the morning so when she dropped off the pie plate I was all tucked in my bed with dreams of sugarplums dancing in my head. (Oh wait, wrong holiday.) But I WAS in bed dead to the world around me. And apparently, Daisy was too.

Now, this is the dog who will bark at the leaf that fell out of a tree 16 blocks away. Yet, when someone DRIVES IN MY DRIVEWAY (which my bedroom window looks out onto) and then they get out of the car and come into the back yard and leave something at the door, does she do ANYTHING? Um, that would be a big NOPE. Not even a low growl, not even a nudge to me as if to say ‘um, mom? Yeah, someone’s here, go check it out.” Nada. Zilch. Zip. Zero. NOTHING. Done. By. This Dog.

Now, at 7am, when I let her out for her morning potty, she did stand in the back yard and barked; AT NOTHING. So you see, that is why I must take Guard Dog off of her resume’. Hey, times are tough, and in this economy, if you’re not a performer, you gotta go.

I secretly think it’s her way at getting back at me – see I’ve officially had “dog walker” removed from my resume this week. I was doing so well with walking Miss Daisy dog (and I even got that Gentle Leader thingy to work on her!) but, then it got cold. REALLY. COLD. And then, I got sick. REALLY. SICK. And, then, well, I just didn’t feel like walking last night. So, maybe this is her way of letting me know that she will no longer perform her “doggie duties” until she is WALKED every night. Could there be a doggie union, such as the United Guard Dogs, that I’m unaware of? I better do my research and try some negotiating tonight before I have a nasty strike on my hands.
Seriously, this could get ugly, Christmas is right around the corner and I have holiday cards that need to get sent out and if she goes on strike – I can’t send an update to last years card: