Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Fabu New Do . . .

Ok - so this picture of ME isn't that great - but my new "do" is! It was about 100 degrees here today - OK, more like 88-89, but it sure felt like 100 since my A/C wasn't working! So, even though I don't like to wear tank tops in public - I was forced by Mother Nature. And, thanks to the 100% humidity, I sweated off all of my make-up!! Oh well, at least I have a Fabu-New-Do!!

Per HIS request

I have had a request to take down our picture (I'm secretly OK with this - since I was in such a hurry to get my blog posted, I didn't choose the most flattering picture) But, don't worry - one of my many, MANY hobbies is photography, (and scrapbooking and writing, and basket weaving and pottery, and dog agility training - shut up now Dave.) and I have over 3000 pictures and more to come so there will be plenty more posted.

I also just got a FABULOUS new "do" so once I get more pictures of me and my "do" - I'll re-post.

Thanks for all of your comments and stay tuned as I am currently working on PART DEUX!! So, tell all your friends/fans and readers of your blogs to come on over to and check me out!!

Gotta go - the A/C at my house is broken and the A/C man is on his way.
Ta Ta for now!!

(PS - The above "PIMP MY BLOG" moment is brought to you by my favorite author/blogger Jen Lancaster as she told all of her followers to get out there and Pimp their blogs!)

If you don't know who Jen is - check out: