Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So far . . .

No more Mousers!! Yeah!! Although, last night I was rummaging in my basement for a "craft/project" to work on (I finally scrapbooked Dave) and discovered all kinds of mouse evidence. Let's HOPE that it's all old evidence.

A better post will follow later - Just wanted to update on the Mickey situation!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Four. And please, God let there be no more!

Ok - so as I was sitting in my office - writing my comments to my peeps who commented on my previous post - #4 mouse was hiding IN. HERE. WITH. ME!!!

"How do you know this Shopgirl?" you may be wondering.

"Because, I went downstairs to the kitchen to pack my lunch for work tomorrow." (see Dave - I AM budgeting) (who am I kidding - I went down for a snack, felt guilty for eating, and packed a lunch to save face.)

Anyway . . .

While I was gone - #4 met his/her fate with the trap! I now have a routine of checking the traps EVERYTiME I walk by one. So, when I came back in my office - I just glanced over - expecting to see an empty (but still loaded with PB) trap - and to my horror there was #4.

OK - HP - he/she was tiny and I did feel a little bit sad for him/her but I snapped back to reality. He/she is a dirty rodent and must die. From the looks of it (ick) it was swift.

Please Dear Lord Baby Jesus.... let this be the last of them.

Out, damn'd Mouse!

Update: as of last week – I had caught 3 mice (well, the traps did) and I disposed of them (trap and all – as IF I would keep the trap). So I thought I was DONE. I mean, I hadn’t seen any more mouse droppings and the traps still had peanut butter – so at least I didn’t have a “smart mouse” that was able to get the PB without getting his little head snapped in the trap. All is good right?

Wrong! Oh. So. Wrong.

I was doing ok (ok, so not really –but I’ve had mice before and even back when I lived with my parents in their NICE house we would have a mouse or two every year.) But that was when my DAD would handle all of that – he’d set the traps and dispose of the carcass. Now, it’s up to ME. And, really? A girl should NOT have to do this kind of thing. Back in my college days, I was all “I am woman, hear me roar!” but these days and in cases of mice in the house? Not so much. I want a MAN (hot of course) to take care of this stuff. Killing spiders too – eck – definitely a boys job. Ok, sorry I drifted – back to my story.

So this past Saturday night I’m in my office – UPSTAIRS – next to my BEDROOM and I SWEAR I saw something move across the baseboard. Now, normally I’d be all like “I’m tired – it was nothing.” Not now. I KNOW it was the FOURTH mouse. And he’s UPSTAIRS next to my BEDROOM!! (yes, I know I repeated myself – it’s worth repeating) HE’S a TAD to close for me!! So, I march DOWNSTAIRS and check the trap I have set up – it’s still loaded with PB so it’s not like he’s gotten the bait – he’s just RELOCATED himself to a warmer part of the house.

Well, since my BEDROOM is right next door there is NO WAY I’m letting this RODENT live just one more minute in my house. I know that Mickey and the mice from Cinderella were all cute and fluffy - but this is a RODENT and he MUST DIE (and any/all members of his family). He is getting NO WHERE NEAR MY BEDROOM – at least not while I’m there. I have a hard and fast rule about not sharing my bed with anyone who doesn’t ‘BRING A BIG SMILE TO MY FACE’ and there “ain’t no way this creature is gonna do that” so he must go.

So last night I went to bed – traps set and hoped (even though it’s not the way I wanted to start a Monday morning) that I would have DEAD mouse this am to deal with.

Wrong. So. Effing. Wrong.

I have another smart mouse and he was able to get the PB off the trap – and probably feed his effing family of 100! GOD HELP ME!!

This morning I re-set the traps with the PB spread so thin and close to the trip of the trap grabbed my things and got the hell out of there.

If he’s not dead when I come home – I’m moving.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Best Therapy ever . . .

And it only cost me $100, from Petfinder (if you or anyone you know is considering getting a dog - check out Petfinder or your local shelters- the best dogs are right there waiting for their forever homes!)

Ok - off my soap box for homeless pooches - but seriously, they are my passion - so please, help your local shelters.

Ok - really, I'm done now. Here's tonight's blog:

We all know HOW MUCH I LOVE MY DOG right? (No? See this, this and this)

Well, take a look at what she let me do to her last night. I was having such a crummy week - and after crying myself to sleep the past couple of nights, I just needed a good laugh and my palio came to my rescue. I LOVE THIS DOG.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tricky trickster . . .

So – now that I’m back to my blogging self – I see that there’s a new Spin Cycle for the Tricksters!

I sooooooooo loves to play tricks on other people and do not fancy them being played on me. Nope – I do not play well in the sand box. Just ask my mom – she knew this right away and sent me to pre-school twice so I would learn to play nice – mom, you should get your money back.

But this post isn’t about ME (yeah right) it’s about a trick that I played, right? Well, I’ve played many in my day and hope to play many many more – but I have to say one of my favorite tricks happened about 8 years ago.

A group of friends and I went on a Caribbean cruise. There were about 10 of us on this cruise. It was me, my boyfriend Don (who we called Wally – I don’t know why – it was a high school nickname that stuck I guess) so it was me and Wally, my friend Robin and her boyfriend Mike, Lisa and Rich, Tracey and Ben and Tracey’s parents. So, we’re all excited the day of the cruise and we met at Robin/Mike’s house – had our Pre-cruise picture taken before Rob’s dad took us to the airport. (Yes, we were too cheap to drive ourselves and park our cars for 10 days).

We get to the airport, check in and make it to our seats on the plane (not anywhere near each other.) We take off, all is well and the flight attendant (male and VERY GAY) comes by and notices my cruise information and tries to play a trick on ME by telling me that the captain just “got a call from the ship/port and was told that the cruise had been canceled due to bad weather.” Pffftt!! I mock him to his face. “Nice try, I was born at night but not last night. Move along my friend.” Wally and I just laughed it off – but when the flight attendant came back our way, I told him that I didn’t buy his story but I knew someone that WOULD, my then BFF Robin who was also named “Most Gullible” in HS.

So, I told him where she was sitting, what she looked like and so on and off he went. Now, Robin and Mike were sitting in the very back of the plane and Wally and I were almost in the front. We waited for the flight attendant to come back and give us her reaction – but we didn’t need to because we heard – above the noise of the plane – “you’ve gotta be shitting me!!”
Side note: I’m honestly tearing up laughing as I write this, because Robins’ voice is a high pitched squeal, and she’s just as loud or LOUDER than me – so this was HUH-STER-ICAL – (hysterical for those of you that don’t speak hyphenation.)

So, the FA comes back to our seats and says to me (almost panicking) “she bought it.” Wally and I could barely contain ourselves. The FA wanted to go back and tell her it was just a joke but I said ABSOLUTELY NOT. So, we let Mike and Robin think that our cruise had been canceled. I mean, come on, WHO would believe that the GD shipping/port/cruise would RADIO to a plane in the sky that the trip was cancelled??? My friend Robin and her now husband Mike – that’s who.

So, about two hours later, we’re just about to land and the FA tells me that he’s going to let Robin in on the joke. Again, we wait for him to come back and tell us her reaction and AGAIN, we don’t have to. “JILL!!!!!!! Oh my God! I’m going to kill you!!” Again, Wally and I nearly wet ourselves from all of this. She (Robin) is so EASY to get!!

Little did we know that not only was Robin the MOST GULLIBLE on this plane ride. Nearly half of the plane heard this joke and I guess that’s ALL they talked about for the ride down!! Honestly, it was a big plane and not a short bus that we were on.

Needless to say, Robin and half the plane and cruisers were not exactly happy with me and Wally. Our FA, however, thoroughly enjoyed the plane ride - as Wally and I had several cocktails on his behalf. He couldn’t believe how everyone fell for it.

Everyone got over it- and we had a great cruise – although Wally and I were very well known all week long as the “pranksters.”

Just an afternoon giggle . . .

We all know that I love and hate my job. Well, right now I love my job - because of this candidate who shall remain nameless. This candidate works at the the Loaf N' Jug (I don't even know what that is - and I can't call to find out because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to contain myself), AND they are the recipient of the Store Image Award.


Therapy or prescription drugs may be needed. . .

Things that are my mind today:

Its fall outside- but I feel like I’m in the middle of a January-February DEEP depression. I usually like fall – the colors, the brisk air (since I’m not a fan of the hot/humid days) but this week has been a rough one and it’s only Wednesday.

First off, I discovered I have a mouse (which means MICE) in my house. I have traps all over the place since I found evidence in EVERY nook and cranny in my house. I had suspected I had a mouse, because a couple weeks ago, I was watching a movie and I SWORE I saw something scurry from the chair to behind the TV stand, but I was like “ok, my mind is playing tricks on me” but since I found “evidence” (mouse poop – nice) I know it’s not all in my head (for once).
UPDATE: as of last night, I’ve caught 2.

This is also adds to my depression – because, being a SINGLE gal, I have to take care of the dead mouse. Daisy just stands BEHIND me as I use the broom to try to get the mouse and trap into a trash can. THIS IS THE GROSSEST (is that a word? – anyway) THING TO HAVE TO DO EVER. AND I REALLY NEED/WANT A MAN IN MY LIFE. (Insert sad violin music here)

Another reason I’m hating life right now is the WEATHER – Like I said, I usually like fall – but last week (well, I was in Florida) so the week before THAT it was soooooo nice here – like upper 70’s and I think 80’s one day and it’s OCTOBER!! So, I was all happy tooling around town in my convertible bug just enjoying birthday month. This past weekend was also BEAUTIFUL – but this Monday? Um, hello WINTER!! It’s like 40 degrees outside! It’s sunny today – so that helps, but it’s COLD!! I think I have that Seasonal Depression thing. (Or I’m just a whiner – either way)

It’s also getting darker earlier around here, so Daisy and I have to take our after work walks in the dark. Man, I’m seriously bumming myself out just writing this blog. If you’re still with me and haven’t wanted to blow your brains out by now – GOD LOVE YA!

On a somewhat happier note, my trip to Florida last week was fun, even though I had to travel on my birthday. My co-worker was really nice and bought me a card for her and the others on the trip to sign. We also went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (how could THIS not make me happy?) where she bought me a Bikini Martini – hey, I was in Florida and since I can’t WEAR a bikini – I’ll drink one!! It was quite tasty –but since I was with work people – I only had one – had I been with my pal Jerry or Dave – I would have had the whole collection of Bikinis!!

Much to my dismay, my co-worker took it upon herself to notify the staff at CF that it was indeed my birthday so after the meal I was serenaded by the entire CF staff. Ok, for those that know me, you’d think I’d like all this attention, but I really, really DO NOT like it one little bit. But, I smiled and thanked everyone, blew out the candle and ate a bite of the vanilla ice-cream that they gave me. That’s right!! I’m at the CHEESECAKE FACTORY and they brought me a small scoop of VANILLA (ewwww) ICE CREAM with a candle in it!! Ummmm again, Hello? It’s the CHEESECAKE FACTORY where there are like 100 kinds of CHEESECAKE and I got vanilla (again, ew) ice cream. Nice.

So, of course, we ordered CHEESECAKE. I can’t even remember what we ordered – there were 5 of us there and we ordered 2 different kinds to share – it was DELISH.

The rest of the week in Florida was pretty boring – I was there for a seminar: It’s a Matter of Respect – an HR training program that we had to deliver to our managers in two different Florida districts. We presented it twice for two days. I’m so RESPECTED out that I could just die. Hmmmm… maybe the reason for my piss-poor mood this week? Perhaps.

For those of you that are still with me after this moody post (thank you!) I will end it with a funny story. On our last night in Florida, we had dinner at the Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant. “Run Forest, Run!” It was nice (food was good – not great but not bad either) but it WAS right on the OCEAN – and it was a full moon that night – so it was very cool to see all the white caps roll into the shore. Our waiter was pretty cool and during dinner he played a little “trivia” with us –but we didn’t win anything. (I didn’t think of that until just now – what mean trick!)

Anyway – he asked if we’ve seen the movie “Forest Gump” and we have and I have like 1000 times. Ummm hello Time Warner? You play Forest Gump EVERY weekend on USA or TNT.

Well, Dave and I have a favorite part in this movie – it’s where Forest’s mom convinces the principal to let her son go to the public school. Forest is sitting on the porch of Mama’s house and hears his mother “convincing” the principal. When the principal comes out he looks and Forest and says “boy, your mother sure does care about your education.” To which Forest replies “ehh ehhh ehh ehh!!” Dave and I ALWAYS say this to each other – if he’s asking about my sexcapades or I’m inquiring about his – we have to do this to one another. So, of course our waiter asks us this one question – and he says before asking it “no one ever gets this one” – then of course, I GOT IT – AND RECITED IT JUST AS FOREST DOES. Yep, I paid attention during the “matter of respect” training. Money well spent by my employer. I’m sure my manager (who was there) was SO proud.

Ha! – just thinking about that line from F.G. I’m cracking myself up! I’m back!! Actually, it was the COACH purse I bought myself (and shouldn't have, I know Dave) for my birthday!! I'll stop shopping NEXT month!!

PS - I'll post pictures from FL later - I don't have my card reader with me ; (

Monday, October 20, 2008

Just another Manic Monday . . .

I hate Mondays . . . and pretty much everything else right now. . . . Thank God there is only an hour an a half left of this miserable effing day...

hopefully tomorrow will be better . . . ta ta for now - going to bed . . .

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Photo Tag!

I was just tagged by my friend, DeeMarie to do this picture meme.

This picture was taken about 3 years ago when I went to a Cleveland Indians game. Before we headed to Jacobs Field (that's what it was called back then) we were at the Winking Lizard and Zydrunas Ilgauskas was there with some of his buddies having beers and shots. Zydrunas is like 7 feet tall. I look like a freaking munchkin next to him!!! Also - I should NEVER wear tank tops - ever.

Ok - so here's how it works:

Game Rules: Pick the 4th file, 4th picture from your folder of photos and post it, sharing the story behind the photo.Pick 4 people to tag and share the love.
I'm sharing with:
And, well - that's all for now -because I've tagged everyone else on my list of blogs (or they've been tagged already.) and I don't want to offend anyone!!

I'm it . . . You're it!

The rules: Each player answers the question themselves. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves them a comment letting them know that they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person that tagged you know when you’ve answered the questions on your blog.

10 years ago I was:
1. 27 years old
2. Getting my feet wet as a recruiter
3. In 3 weddings in one year!
4. Living with my parents
5. Wishing I was dating ANYONE

5 things on today’s to-do list:
1. Pack for my trip to Florida tomorrow.
2. Finish my laundry
3. Walk the dog
4. Catch up on blog posts and comments
5. Buy toilet paper and dog treats

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. Fudgesicles (sp)
2. Pringles
3. Double Stuf Oreos
4. Short bread cookies
5. Peanut butter bars

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire: (I’m changing this to be Billionaire)
1. Donate MILLIONS to the Humane Society.
3. Donate more to my church
4. Pay off all of my friends debts
5. Buy an AWESOME beach house!

5 places I have lived:
1. Akron, OH
2. Kappa House - Akron, OH
3. Mom and Dad's house - Akron, OH
4. My house - Akron, OH
5. College Apartment, Akron, OH

5 jobs I have had:
1. Mascot for radio station
2. Lifeguard - Best TAN ever!!
3. Radio Sales associate
4. Assistant Manager - Paul Harris
5. Paper Girl

Rules are rules. So I’m tagging: Spriteskeeper; Swishy; Beth; DeeMarie

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I carried a watermelon . . .

Do you remember the movie Dirty Dancing? Of course you do - OMG - who DIDN'T swoon over Patrick Swayze and wish she could dance with Johnny? Remember the scene where Baby and Johnny meet for the first time and she says "I carried a watermelon?" She was horrified - I carried a watermelon? What kind of line is that?? Well, I can relate to Baby.

I was just at the gas station filling up and this TOTALLY GORGEOUS guy noticed that I was not only filling up my car but I was also filling up extra gas cans. (In our area - our local grocery store gives .10 off a gallon of gas for every $50 we spend in their store. I had a total of $2 off a gallon of gas and since gas is $2.97 right now - I figured I'd fill up the car AND the extra cans - because, well, I'm cheap) So, TOTALLY GORGEOUS GUY (TGG) notices me filling up and says, something like 'you must have like a $1.00 off a gallon - eh?' I tell him that I have $2 off and he replies, "get outta here!" in a very Brooklyn - Joeyesque way. Which, by the way, makes me want him even more.

So what is my BIG COME BACK? "uh huh, $2 off." I'm not kidding - that's ALL I said! Oh, no, wait - I did tell him to "have a nice day" as I got in my car and drove off. Without his number or giving him mine.

I'm telling you - this guy was HOT HOT HOT and he initiated conversation with me and what do I do? Wish him a nice effing day... How about when he said 'get outta here' I should have said: 'OK, your place or mine? Or, "it's birthday month - want to be my present and um future??" No, I wish him a nice ding dong day!!!

I carried a watermelon indeed.
I'm going to be single for the rest of my life . . .

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

All Fired Up . . .

Here’s my SPIN to the CYCLE – this is fun one as I’m NEVER at a loss for things that make me crazy mad! This was actually fun - and I think I could go on and on and on –but I stopped myself before I got all fired up. Here goes:

Things that get me FIRED UP: (and not in a good way)

1. Waiting in lines – ANY line – grocery store, bank, fast food – you name it, I’ve picked the shortest, yet SLOWEST MOVING line there is.

2. Not getting a “hello” or “thank you” after waiting in said line and purchasing something.

3. “Customer service” reps that cannot speak ENGLISH. Please, if I can’t understand you, then how can you be of ANY service to me??

4. People who drive in the passing lane at or below the posted limit. It is the PASSING lane you morons!

5. People who get offended after you’ve passed them on the highway. Seriously, this is NOT a pissing contest – I’m probably running late and you’re in my way – if you want to drive in front of me – you better be cruising at 70 mph or MORE - or I’m GOING to pass you. (while putting my make up on)

6. Idiots who are mean to animals. There is a special place in HELL for these jerks I’m sure of it.

7. Ungrateful people.

8. Ignorance – it is NOT bliss.

9. The $700 Billion Bail out plan. I also don’t want a political blog on my hands – but seriously, we’re bailing out BILLIONAIRES and the common folk like me – who owe maybe $10,000 in credit card/student loan debt – can’t get an effing break.

10. $29 - now $39 OVER THE LIMIT fees. WTF?? If there’s a LIMIT – how come the credit card company allows you to go over it??

11. ATM fees to get MY money...

12. This is new – one of my FAVORITE store credit cards just changed their rules about paying their bill. If I want to pay the bill ON THE DAY IT’S DUE – it will cost me an ADDITIONAL $10. Again, WTF??

13. My iPod. Ok – Apple? You’ve got bad fruit. I paid $250 for my 30 gig iPod and I’ve had to replace it 3 times. Good thing I bought the $60 warranty.

I am not a Doctor . . .

I think I’m going to DIE. (Well, not really, but it sure feels like it.) I have a MOTHER of a MIGRAINE headache today.

It all started yesterday. I can’t believe I’m about to say this – but I’m glad it’s just a headache and not the cold I was SURE I was going to catch from a co-worker (you know who you are – ha ha) that I was trapped in a meeting room with no fresh air circulating for 2 hours yesterday. If there’s anything I hate more than a headache it’s a MISERABLE COLD!! And from the looks of my co-worker yesterday afternoon during our meeting, (seriously sister, that’s what SICK days are for!!) it looked awful. I did feel bad for her – BUT, being the hypochondriac that I am, I IMMEDIATELY started to feel all achy and developed this Migraine.

I was totally prepared (and am still waiting) to wake up sniffling and coughing this morning. It won’t happen – not until Sunday night because Monday morning I leave for Florida for work. THAT’s when I’ll get it. Good times, I can’t wait.

So back to my Migraine and the fact that I’m not a Doctor. I’ve been popping my Migraine medicine all damn day and it is sooooooooooooo not working. I’d go home, but as soon as I walk in my door, my PRECIOUS POOCH will knock me over and bug the ever living daylights out of me because I’m not taking her for a walk. So, I’ll just stay at work and try to get something done – like this blog. (Hey, the smokers get to take 5-10 “smoke breaks” a day – this is MY smoke break and I type fast.)

So I’ve tried my migraine meds – not working.
I’ve tried regular Ibuprofen - 3 at a time – not working.
I’ve tried REGULAR Pepsi – instead of Diet – not working.
Water instead of caffeine? NOPE.

Well, I just got back from lunch – where I decided to medicate with FOOD. It’s the answer for everything else in my life, why not a headache?

I went to Panera Bread and had myself half of a Grilled Chicken Panini with Black Bean soup AND a shortbread cookie.

Now I have a headache AND I need to unbutton my pants if I want to sit down for the rest of the day . . . I am not a Doctor!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Hero

So - while perusing the web today - I came across a discussion/contest that asked the question: Who is your role model/hero? I've never really given it much thought - I didn't grow up with any ONE person in my life that made me who I am today - what I'm trying to say is - I was blessed to have MANY MORE than one. My mom and dad - who sacrificed and gave a LOT to me and my brothers and sister. We may have WANTED for more but we never NEEDED more. My grandparents on my moms side - my other grandparents had passed before I was born. My older brothers and sister and their wives and husband - all helped mold and shape me to be the person I am today.

But there is one person in my family who I truly admire and am so lucky to still have her around. My Great Aunt Ruth. Aunt Ruth just turned 96 this past August and, I guess, she's always been someone I just thought was "cool."

A couple of years back we were at a family wedding and I didn't feel much like dancing, I was in a depressed mood at the time and feeling sorry for my(fat)self. My cousin Janet, Aunt Ruth's daughter, told me the story of how Aunt Ruth met her husband. Now, keep in mind, Ruth is about 5 feet tall and was slim/slender her whole life - just an iddy biddy thing. She was polished and ALWAYS put together - WELL. Never without makeup/lipstick and a fresh manicure. She was the Jackie O in our family.

Well, Aunt Ruth met my Uncle and her Mr. Right one night while dancing - on a table! (and I'm pretty sure it was a prohibition party at that too - but I could be making that up.) She didn't let her inhibitions get the best of her, like I was, and she met a wonderful man. (Who went on to become a DOCTOR) Unfortunately, Uncle Bill died at an early age, from cancer. But that didn't hold my Aunt back. Although she never remarried, she did and still does, live life to the fullest. She has traveled all over the world, by herself and with groups. Up until this summer - when she was 95 - she had her own apartment. It was in a retirement community, but she was self-sufficient.

Then, she hit a rough spell, she fell and broke her ankle and she also developed emphysema. While in the hospital she had some close calls and we thought we were going to lose her and she made the decision (still, on her own) to not be resuscitated if it came to that. Thankfully, it didn't come to that. I believe it's because she had her 96th birthday coming up. Aunt Ruth demanded (in the sweetest way a 95 year old woman can) that a party be thrown for her because she WOULD be there. And this past August, she was!

I recently visited her at the nursing home where she is recuperating. When I got there, she was waiting for me, she wanted to me to take her outside for a "walk." She's in a wheelchair because of her broken ankle and I think this is just killing her. She was wearing a brand new outfit that she got for her birthday, hair and make up done and recently had a manicure. As we strolled though the halls she introduced me to everyone and they all knew that I was coming that day for a visit. She is very proud of her family and let me tell you, I felt like a ROCK STAR because everyone knew my name and was excited to finally meet Ruth's Great Niece!! (I plan on going back weekly to boost my self confidence)

I brought her a new Ohio State Buckeyes T-shirt to wear while she watched the football games this fall. Aunt Ruth is a HUGE OSU fan and this present just made her day. She is looking forward to Christmas and is diligently exercising her ankle so she can walk without crutches when she goes to my cousins house on Christmas day. I don't know how much longer I'll have my Aunt Ruth around, but I suspect it will be at least after Christmas, since she has made this her goal.

She is truly a hero and inspiration to me.