Friday, November 21, 2008

Thanks - day 2 and 3 - better late than never . . .

Well, I started to post my day 2 of thanks - yesterday - but got distracted (god, I hate when that happens at work - ha ha!) And then, well it was Friday and I went out for ONE drink which ended up being like 10. So, day 2 of thanks just didn't happen. So, here I am, 1 hour and 40 minutes left of day 3 and I'm sick (start violin music now please) and hopped up on NyQuil - so this will either be a VERY heartfelt and emotional post - or a very crazy post. So, lets get it started.

1. I'm thankful for my friend Dave - I have to give him a shout out because he felt "slighted" that I didn't call him out on my first post. But, in all seriousness - I am very thankful for him - he drives me INSANE most days - but he is a very good friend and I'm glad he's in my life.

2. I'm thankful I live so close to my brother - he was SUPER nice to come over today and help me move my NEW IKEA desk into my office today. (I wish he would have stayed to help me put it together -but I managed.)

3. I'm thankful for my FAVORITE store IKEA - for making such fun furniture - affordable!

4. I mentioned my family before - but I think I'll go int more detail here. I'm thankful for my Sister-in-law C. She is a great friend and an AWESOME cook and has graciously offered to host Turkey Day this year.

5. I'm thankful for my sister. We had a great relationship when I was younger then had a tough time - but we've grown closer recently and I hope that continues.

6. I'm thankful for my 2nd brother R. He's a mechanic by trade, and makes sure my car is always running AND, that I'm not getting the runaround by my dealer.

7. My sis-in-law K. She too is a good friend and is always there to help when I need it.

8. I'm thankful for the company I work for - every year they give us a free Turkey for Thanksgiving.

9. I'm thankful I had NyQuil in the house today - so I didn't have to leave and brave the FRIGID temperatures.

10. I'm thankful for my four car garage - why, you ask? Well, when I bought this house 10 years ago - I thought the guy who sold it to me was a nut-job for adding an ADDITIONAL 2 car garage onto a small house, and NOT adding a 2nd bathroom - but because of that extra garage - I'm able to rent it out every year and today I was able to re-carpet part of my house and office because of said garage. (Hey, I said I was hopped up on NyQuil!)

Day 3 - giving thanks.

1. I'm thankful for Gift Cards. Christmas shopping will be easy this year - 8 nephews and 1 niece all in their teens and early 20's - gift cards are a LIFESAVER!

2. I'm thankful for such a cooperative family - it's not even Thanksgiving and we've figured out what to buy for my IMPOSSIBLE TO BUY FOR mom and dad.

3. I'm thankful that that MICE ARE GONE from my house. (although I did see one in my garage the other night - but it's a detached garage and as long as he stays out there - I'm cool)

4. I'm thankful that Christmas is almost here. I'm actually looking forward to it this year (at least right now anyway.)

5. I'm thankful for my friend Jen C - she is AWESOME. Last week we went to a craft show and had so much fun that my face still hurts from all the laughing we did. She also bought me a very cool OSU pen and contributed to my SASSYSAK! AND THEN - took me to dinner for a belated birthday dinner! Jen - you ROCK!

6. I'm thankful for my friend Colleen - she is AWESOME too - and when Jen, Colleen and I get together it's always a Laugh fest!

7. I'm thankful that GAS PRICES have come down so low!! Isn't is AWESOME to pay $1.69/gallon vs. the $4/gallon this summer? Too bad the economy SUCKS right now.

8. I'm thankful the NyQuil is kicking in right now - I may be able to sleep tonight!

9. I'm thankful that although the economy is down - I am currently doing ok. I pray that it stays that way!

10. I'm thankful for all of YOU - my blog readers and friends - I LOVE love love having you here - I promise - I will try to stay on top of my blog!!

Phew! That was a tough list and I still have 55 minutes left of the day. Now, I have to think of another 10 things to be thankful for. This is MUCH harder than I thought when I signed up!