Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Off to bed . . . .

Hmmmm... so tonight I had Taco Bell - Mexican (sorta) again. And AGAIN I watched "The Girls Next Door" - shut up! I can't help it - I think secretly I want to be a bunny - too bad I weigh as much as all three of them together (well, not really - but that's how I feel - especially after the Taco Bell!) So, I"m getting ready to 'hit the hay' but what am I watching now? The Cleaner on A&E - oooohhhh Benji Bratt - oooo laaaa laaaa - me like you dirty!!!!

Seriously - I thought you were HOT on L & O - but OH MY GAWD - are you FREAKING hot as a cleaned up druggie!!

Hmmmm... Playboy bunnies - former drug addicts, now cleaners no wonder my dreams are a little eefffd up!!

Nighty night y'all!!!

Bunny Dreams . . .

My dreams are getting weird these days and I used to think it was based on what I ate before I went to bed. Yes, I eat right before I go to bed – hmmm… ya think that has ANYTHING to do with my weight loss issues?? Nah me neither. Anyway, I’m not convinced it’s the food I eat – because last night I ate some home made salsa and chips before going beddie bye and I didn’t dream of Mexico or anything remotely Mexican. No, I dreamt that I met “The Girls Next Door” along with Hugh Heffner!!

I was watching the show before I went to bed – shut up! I love this show! I know, I know – he’s an old fart living with 3 twenty-something’s – so what! Good for him I say!! I’m just jealous that it’s not ME living in that mansion! And, c’mon you can’t help but laugh at how silly these girls really are. Add to that, my own body issues. It’s a 30 minute escape for me to wish that I could be airbrushed to look that perfect.

So, back to my dream, well first off I have to have a conversation with my Id because in my dream I was not “airbrushed or perfect” I was just plain old, fat me!!! I mean hello Id, if we’re dreaming here – can’t you dream me a size 0 with a nice ass and perfect tits (I mean mine are good and all – but they’re OLD and starting to show their age!!) Sheez!

Anyway – I was in VEGAS with friends or work people – that part was hazy, but I definitely met “The Girls” and Heff and they invited us to come to the Playboy Club at the Palms and party with them. Then, I had to go pee, which is par for the course with me because I have to pee about a million times a day – so why not in a dream? But, I REALLY had to pee…. and woke up to go do so. End of dream.
Hmmm… It’s Tuesday night – what’s on tonight? Pamela Anderson’s show? Oooo la la … Will I dream of Tommy’s HUGE…

Can’t wait for bed!! ; )