Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Look! I did have a blog post!!

Problem is... I wrote it back in November (sssshhhh - while I was at work) and emailed it to my home account so I could post it on "my time"  - I know.. but I wrote it while I was on my "Lunch" - really.. I did..  Anyhoodle... Here it is...  Obviously I was irritated (IMAGINE THAT) with Pet Supplies Plus... 

Pet Supplies “Plus” – just what does the PLUS mean?

I’ll tell you what it means. It means that if you want to go to their store and just merely “exchange” an item for the EXACT SAME THING? Well, they’ll allow it, PLUS they have PAPERWORK PLUS for you to fill out.

Seriously, I’m not lying when I say paperwork PLUS. Last night I went to my Pet Supplies Plus store two times – yes, I said two. I had also gone the night before. Reason? My wonderful, lovely, just downright adorable – yet WORST.DOGS.EVER, had caused some major destruction at my house recently (more on that in a minute) so I was there the night before to purchase a “gentle” or “soft” muzzle for them. Don’t get me started on crating them – tried that – in fact, thought I was done so I sold my crates this summer at a garage sale. As Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman: Big mistake, Big, HUGE! Well, I’m off to go shopping (for another form of dog containment).

A-hem, so I’m back to PSP last night on my way home from work to return the too big muzzles I bought the night before for the next size smaller, and I see an EVEN BETTER muzzle for only a few bucks more. So, I grab two new muzzles and head to the register. This will be simple, I’ll just exchange the old for the new and improved and be on my merry way, right? WRONG. Oh.so.very.wrong.

I get to the register and explain to the cashier what I want to do and she just gives me this look. You know the one, well, there are so many nowadays – the “what the fuck do you want me to do about it because can’t you see that I’m talking to my co-worker about the placement of my next tattoo or piercing that will most certainly ensure that I always work in a place where I’m required to wear either a name tag or hair net (or both)?” kind of look. Or the, well, I think you get my drift about the retail worlds idea of or lack their of “customer service.”

So as I tell her that I want to exchange the one for the other – she just up and turns away from the register with both my new and old merchandise and disappears into the makeshift office and then a couple of minutes later returns with an even more pleasant “manager” to “assist” me with my return. The manager starts off by demanding for my receipt – no “hi, how are you?” no, “was something wrong with your purchase/item?” Nope. Just an abrupt: “I need your receipt.” I hand her my receipt and she, (without even looking at me) asks “do you just want me to put this back on your card?” Um? No. Seriously, what was going on in the office for the 10 minutes that I was left alone at the register without MY merchandise and the NEW merchandise that I thought I explained to Miss Manners Cashier that I wanted to just do an exchange? I realize that it was not an EVEN exchange – but is WAS an exchange of merchandise – NOT a return.

So, I start over and explain to the ever-so-pleasant manager that, yada yada yada, I bought these muzzles yesterday – but now wanted these new and different muzzles today. She again responded; “do you want me to return them to your card?” Um, HELLO?? Are you actually here.in.the.store.with me? NO, I want to EXHANGE – E-X-C-H-A-N-G-E them for new merchandise. She, just as frustrated as I’ve become, says that she has to return the merchandise and THEN I can buy the different ones.

In my pretty little world, this transaction – is considered an exchange – but hey, I’m old school and when I worked in retail we actually talked to and smiled at the customer.  Our cell phones weren't going off throughout the entire transaction and maybe on some days we really didn't care - but mostly we did care about our customers.   Then I realize that I, like Dorothy, am not in Kansas anymore. So, defeated, I say “yes, I’d like to return them and then purchase these new muzzles.”

Now, here is where the PLUS comes in Pet Supplies Plus. There is a ridiculous amount of paperwork involved in what one would seem to think is just an easy exchange. And picture if you will, that while I’m at PSP – I’m there with my dogs (to make sure I buy the correct one that fits so I don’t have to come back and do this all over again) who are the WORST.DOGS.EVER. And if you check out the pictures below, you’ll understand why I want to muzzle them – if not duct tape their mouths shut.

Now, I have been in the store already for 15 minutes prior with said BAD DOGS trying to fit a correct muzzle on them – and I’m sure you can IMAGINE how that has gone over.

I am now sweating and so UNBELIEVABLY stressed out and anxious that I don’t even think a Zanax or fifth of vodka would do anything to calm my nerves, and this is when the manager pulls out the PLUS SIZED PAD OF PAPERWORK that must be filled out in triplicate (I’m not lying – triplicate) before I can exchange, er return and re-buy their product.

So, as I stand there at the register with these two crazy dogs, sweat dripping down my back and off my forehead, I’m forced to fill out this paperwork while trying to control my  asshole precious babies and keep them away from the other dogs. This, right here? Is why I NEVER TAKE THEM ANYWHERE – and probably why they act like ASSHOLES whenever another dog is around.

We finally complete all the paperwork – the manager puts the original purchases’ return onto a GIFT CARD and hands it to me – then rings up my new purchase and I hand back over the Gift Card to pay for said merchandise. (Really PSP – you think this is more efficient than a simple exchange?)

I start to collect my things and untangle myself out of the leashes - because Daisy and Sassy have pretty much made it their mission to make me fall – you make us wear muzzles? Fine, you’re going to wear a cast. (Really, I know they are thinking this - LOOK at the pictures again... THAT DOOR?  Was put there by ME.  One word: RETALIATION. 

Ok, back to the story...  The manager then looks at me and asks if I want my gift card back. Um? Didn’t I just use it? So I tell her no and she again, gives me that WTF? look and takes the Gift Card – which she hasn’t removed from the cardboard backing –and hangs it back onto the display for I guess the next person who has to do an exchange/return.

I looked at this "manager" and told her that I realized that SHE didn’t come up with this process, but I think that whom ever did? Should have to come to the store with MY crazy dogs in tow, and have people standing in line behind me with their dogs and screaming kids and then have to go through all this paperwork just to exchange – not receive any money back – an item.

Guess what kind of reaction I got to that....

Maybe I should have taken THESE PHOTOS with me to show her WHY I needed said muzzles...  You be the judge:

I wish I had a "before" picture of this nice door -
installed to contain the destructive duo in the basement -
but sadly I don't...

You THINK you can keep me downstairs
when there is a QUEEN SIZED
upstairs for me to sleep on all day?

No mom, I'll stay downstairs - 
your shoes, purses, pillows,
and trash can?  
They'll be left untouched. 
I promise!

Day Two: They weren't finished with their 'work.'
Do you understand WHY a muzzle was sooo important to me?

Just to give you a better perspective.  Also? 
Not sure if you can see it in this pic,
but I actually paid an additional $15 for a piece of
plexiglass to be put on the door so they
wouldn't scratch it and I could keep it
I know.......

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Testing... Check! Check! Testing... Is this thing still on??

Yes and no.

My blog of course is still up and functional...  but Shopgirl, while she's still "here" and does come here often to hopefully get her write on?  Just.can't. seem to put words to a post.   Oh... don't get me wrong... I've got words... Many!  Opinions?  Holy Opinionation Batman!! 

But when I get here?  Like right now?


Oh sure, I have topics - I've even written THOSE down - so when I get this mental blank?  Voila!  Just pick a topic and go!  Write my thoughts or my story.  Sounds so simple doesn't it?  Yeah... Not.so.much.

But... even this simple exercise has sorta got my creative juices somewhat flowing..

If any of my few followers are still coming here.  There have been a FEW changes in Shopgirls world - (in fact - all topics that I want to write about!)  But just to give you a taste and a reason to make me come back I'll let you in on a few:

Shopgirl has MOVED - LITERALLY!  - to a sunny area of the US - for the season anyway...  no more white winters for this challenged blogger!

I got a new car!  It's so incredible fun... Even HAMSTERS love this car.. and I got a FUN color too!

I'm living with my sister and two nephews - this?  Has been quite the challenge, learning experience and just plain ol' life change that I think I was looking for?   I haven't lived with anyone since college (and it didn't go well back then) so this is definitely new territory for shopgirl and one would THINK warrant a blog or two or twenty. I've taken notes - so when I to get my "write" on, I'll be sure to share all the crazy with you..

Lots more but I don't want to promise too much and then not deliver - leave me a message - maybe THAT will do it... I do hate to disappoint others..

Chow for now!