Friday, November 7, 2008

Do you remember . . .

When MTV was just that, MUSIC Televison? Don't get me wrong - I love, love love the Real World - was sooooooooooo in love with Eric from the first Real World - when they were ACTUALLY REAL.

My buddy DeeMarie has me working on this HORRIBLE HORRIBLE project (I kid, only) at work so while I'm data entering (such a good use of my mad recruiting skillz I tell you) I'm listening to my iPod (which I pronounce "ip-id", why? because.) Anyway, the MTV theme song from the 90's came on (I don't know why - but I have it) and it just made me think about how cool MTV used to be. Before the Hills, Real World, Road Rules and even VH1 - which is really my generations MTV.

Of course, this lead me to search the World Wid Web in hopes to actually find a sound bite of the theme song (since I can't figure out how to copy it from my iTunes and paste it into my blog) Of course, doing that - pasting it into my blog is probably illegal and infringes on some copyright - but really? Who would complain about the Club MTV Theme Song being copied onto my blog for all 5 of you (FABULOUS 5 at that) to listen? If you know how I can get it on here - well, email me and I'll take the risk!

Anyway - listening to it took me back, WAAAAAAAAAAAAY back. Like to the days of my MC Hammer pants and my Bobby Brown (pre-Whitney) black patent shoes. I was so cool it just makes me want to CRY thinking about how "cool" I was. Don't believe me? I had my SENIOR picture taken in those MC HAMMER pants - yep, mom was soooooooo proud of me. And the background? Hot Pink and Electric Blue neon lights - stop your jealousy right now, you can never, ever be as cool as me. I am sorry.

Can I also tell you that I pegged the legs of my jeans so tight it's a wonder my ankles are still attached? Yes, I was so hip with the fashion trends. Ok, so I know you all pegged your jeans
while wearing your Banana Clip in your spiral permed hair that you "froze" in place with your Paul Mitchel Freeze n Shine spray.

C'mon - take a trip down memory lane with me - send pictures if you have 'em!