Friday, October 24, 2008

The Best Therapy ever . . .

And it only cost me $100, from Petfinder (if you or anyone you know is considering getting a dog - check out Petfinder or your local shelters- the best dogs are right there waiting for their forever homes!)

Ok - off my soap box for homeless pooches - but seriously, they are my passion - so please, help your local shelters.

Ok - really, I'm done now. Here's tonight's blog:

We all know HOW MUCH I LOVE MY DOG right? (No? See this, this and this)

Well, take a look at what she let me do to her last night. I was having such a crummy week - and after crying myself to sleep the past couple of nights, I just needed a good laugh and my palio came to my rescue. I LOVE THIS DOG.