Monday, March 15, 2010

Just a few things I learned today.

1st thing I learned today: When heading "out" with laptop (Borrowed from the infamous Katie Couric of Akron - seriously? U.Rock.the.CASBAH!)  so you can write your blog in a place where you are SURE you will find inspiration? First, find out if the Wi-Fi is FREE (since you're still UNEMPLOYED) Yeah, Starbucks and your $5 Frappa-FUCKING-chino? (that yes, I KNOW I don't need, much less should be splurging on, but if I'm going to use their Wi-fi, I thought, maybe I should buy something from their store? Well, for a 2 hour "pass" to use their Wi-fi is $3.99 plus tax or whatever, I didn't even bother to read all the "other crap" I just took my now purchased Frappachino and left. Starbucks - you suck and I won't be back....)

Next off to Panera, where the Wi-fi is free -but yet, I simply CANNOT go in there with my SB cup - right? Well, I could, but really?  Do I want to be that girl?  No.I.Do.Not. So, now I'm hopped up on a few quick sips of my Frappachino and I must now buy a Shortbread cookie -because, well have you HAD a Panera Shortbread cookie?  You must - one word - YUM!  (and the cheapest thing on the menu.)  So now my "free" wi-fi experience has cost me a Frappachino AND a cookie (well, and if I'm being honest here) a cup (not a bowl) of soup.

2nd. thing I learned today: DON'T try to find your "writing inspiration place" somewhere where they sell food - you fattie!!!  YOU. WILL. WANT. TO. EAT.... AND EAT..... AND EAT SOME MORE.  (Even though you had lunch with mom and dad four hours ago (well, four hours IS a long time -BUT, the cookie/frappa debacle should have sufficed until you got home.

3rd thing I learned today:  I HAVE ADHD.  I cannot concentrate on my own thing without listening to  GAWD - those people that hear "voices"  - I feel for you.

4th thing I learned today:  Bring headphones next time.  Everyone else with a laptop here?  also wearing earphones - I OBVIOUSLY didn't get the memo and am so.behind. the.times. when it comes to Wi-fiing out in the open public.

5th thing I learned today:  Be a little less OBVIOUS when eavesdropping on public in
I soooooo got busted listening to and staring at random girl telling boyfriend she couldn't believe she got a DUI last week.(just to be clear, I was listening to stupid girl and staring at her HAWT boyfriend - not good anyway you look at it, I know, but I just wanted to clarify.)

6th thing I learned today:  People will talk about ANYTHING in public place.  Seriously? Reality TV so does not compare to what you can overhear in a Panera.... I am now considering canceling my cable service (since I'm still unemployed) and hanging out here for my entertainment.

7th and last thing I learned (well at least while at Panera) today:  I really, really need to get my camera back out - there are some pretty cool pictures here and they are of BAGELS.  Seriously?  Panera Bread PAID for this "artwork."  The unemployed Shopgirl with her $500 very nice DSLR camera at home?  Could take better pictures.

Ok - I'm outta here - it's finally warm(er) in Ohio and I'm going to take poochers for walk!

Ciao Babies!!