Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So much to say.... so why can't I blog all about it??

Have you ever been in a place in your life where you've just lost interest in everything that you once loved to do? Or, in my case - have you ever gotten so excited about something, hobby, past-time, or even person and have gone full-force, full throttle with all the passion in your being, only to find yourself later not even remotely interested in said activity? 

Well, I've felt that way my whole life.  I'm very much an "in the moment" kinda girl.  I like NEW things - to try NEW stuff.   I get super excited about something (photography, scrap-booking, traveling, writing or blogging) and then BLAH... I hit a wall and I lose all interest..  My $500 camera (and all the "extras" that I had to have that would make me a better photographer) and my THOUSANDS of dollars worth of scrap-booking shit products, and now, by blog sit idle wondering where I've gone and if I'll ever come back. 

The sad thing is.. is that I want to, but yet here I sit and try to write a blog and while it is somewhat theraputic about putting my feelings down on paper (or into the blogoshpere) it is so. incredibly. hard. to keep typing.
I have soooo much I want to write about yet my mind feels like a pinball machine and my focus is as chaotic as that ball bouncing from side to side and back and forth until eventually it goes down the drain.  

So today's post (while incredibly short) was an exercise to get me back in the game.  According to the "experts" out there, it's all about baby steps and goal setting.  So, today's goal was to write something, anything... and I did that.  It's not my best work and it's not as long as my previous (and more enjoyable) posts have been, but I did it.  And I didn't even need a brand new shiny lap-top to do it. 

You see, I think and I keep telling my friend Dave (and myself) that if 'I only had a LAP TOP' then, THEN I'd be able to write again - you know, because now that I'm unemployed and have ALL THIS TIME on my hands - I could go to cool places like Starbucks, Panera Bread, Borders - where the Wi-fi is FREE - because I'm on a BUDGET and I could become the "serious" writer that I want to be (and once was.)  Because? No.One. writes at home!  NO!  It's all about the mobility... right?  Yeah, that's it....

THAT and going out and buying something NEW.  Hmmmm.... seems to be a pattern here....

Monday, October 19, 2009

Manic Monday

Patsy Cline sang it (and Willie Nelson wrote it) best:

Crazy for feeling so lonely
Im crazy
Crazy for feeling so blue

I knew
Youd love me as long as you wanted
And then someday
Youd leave me for somebody new

Why do I let myself worry
What in the world did I do

For thinking that my love could hold you
Im crazy for tryin
Crazy for cryin
And Im crazy
For lovin you

Keeping it legal y'all: 

Written by willie nelson
(as performed by willie nelson)
Also performed by patsy cline and ray price