Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Me - Driving Miss Daisy

Hello - my name is Jill and I'm new to the whole 'blog thingy' but here I go. I'm in my 30's - I won't divulge which side of 30 I'm on it's depressing enough to be 30 and not 25 anymore (and 25 was depressing since ALL of my friends were married by then except of course, me. ) Anyway - I'm a single girl from the great state of Ohio and live in Akron, OH, to the express way - which is really helpful since I'm always running late to work. Have worked at same job for 8+ years and usually get talked to about my punctuality every quarter. I really do like my job, I just like sleeping more. Oh well. Things that will never change - my punctuality.

I have the best dog in the world EVER. Well, Ok only I think that - but still, she IS the BEST.

Her name is Daisy and I got her about a year ago. I had recently lost my BESTEST dog Roxy (ok, Bestest is not really a word, but she was the ORIGINAL BEST DOG).

More on Roxy another time - I don't feel like crying all over my first-ever blog.

So, needless to say, I was super depressed and I decided to get another dog RIGHT AWAY. (like 7 days after Roxy died) (Shut up! It was plenty of time to grieve, plus I'm over 30, single and needed a pal to hug and cry with).

I found Miss Daisy dog on and when I saw her face - I just melted. She was in rescue group that was about 45 minutes away from my house. So, one Saturday afternoon, I drove to just "meet" her. I told myself I would not fall in love with her right away and I would NOT take her that day even if I wanted to. "Yeah right" my friends and Mom mocked me. So I get there and meet her - and yes I fell in love with her but just to prove my point I told the people I had to think about her.

She was a 2 year old (or so they think) lab mix. In reality - I think she's younger and she's not a lab (everyone says everydog is a lab mix when they don't know what it is) She is NOT lab anything. (except that she's the COLOR of a blonde lab - that is IT) I think she's got terrier in her and some Shar pei perhaps. Either way - she's the CUTEST dog on this Earth! She also had puppies, but they had been adopted - I bet they were WAY cute.

So, I drive back home and in that 45 minute drive, I decide I have to have her - I can't chance that someone else will want her. I'm not even in my driveway yet and I call the rescue place and tell them that I want her and can I come back tomorrow and get her. Of course they said yes - they're in the business of rescuing these lost souls for the dog lovers like me to give them a forever home. So the next day and another 45 minute drive, I become the owner of Miss Daisy Dog.

On our drive home, I re-name this dog to Daisy (who's previous name was Olivia. As in Olivia Newton John. Exactly - I HAD to change it). So, since Daisy's are my favorite flower and I love to take my dog for a car ride I come up with Daisy Dog and from then on when we go for "car rides" I am Driving Miss Daisy.


  1. WELCOME TO THE BLOG WORLD!! It's fun and all kinds of addicting!! And yes, world, Miss Daisy is absolutely adorable!! (I've seen lots of pics!) :)

  2. I just had to find out who you are! I love this first post of yours and I love your obsession with your dog. Daisy is cute and has so much charm and personality! Thanks for sharing!

    BTW...YOUR IT! I know we don't know each other well, but...To find out what I'm talking about copy and paste the link below into your browser and then follow the directions. Have fun! :)

    P.S. If you don't want to participate, that's okay. However, I might have to hunt you down. :) J/K! LOL!


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