Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm back and Dave Broke my Dog

I'm back. Back home, back at work and back to my blog. A lot has happened since my last true blog. As you know, I was in California for two weeks for work and Dave was watching my Daisy Dog and my house. That first week Daisy killed a squirrel, Dave realized that dogs do have feelings and I got an email from a past boyfriend. (see past blogs) Anyway – it seems that my writer’s block is gone and all it took was to get me back to my office and what do you know, I can write again. Why can’t I write when I’m at home? I don’t know but I’m going with it. I’ll call it my smoke break. So here goes . . .


Daisy now loves to be outside for hours on end and, to my dismay, LOVES to lie in the dirt. Dave thinks this is HILARIOUS; however, I (and my white comforter on my bed) do not. "She loves to be outside" he says. I found this out when I returned home this past Sunday and she didn't want to take an 8 hour nap with me. What? I took the red-eye home and I was dog tired. (No pun intended) AND, I was still on CA time so it was like only a 5 hour nap. Anyway, my point is - she didn't want to lie on the bed and have me snuggle with her like a teddy bear - she wanted to be OUTSIDE - in the dirt!!!

"What did you do to my dog?" I wailed to Dave on the phone later that night. "She wants out constantly and stays out all day!"

"That's what dogs do," he replied dryly.

That's not what she did before I left YOU in charge - I thought to myself.

"I want her in the house with me, licking, kissing, and jumping on me in an “I’m oh-so-happy-that-you’re-home – kind of way."

And so began the conversation of how I'm the problem with my dog and that she should NOT be licking (never going to happen by the way) or jumping on anyone and all of his work will go to waste because mommy's home. I'm not consistent with my training and blah, blah, blah, blah, b-l-a-h!

I know this - Before I left for California, I had the happiest 'I-love-my-mom-so-much-that-I-just-can't-stop-licking-you' dog and now that I'm back, I have a dog that wants to do her own thing outside, in the dirt no less, without me telling her how much I missed her and love her. I now have the equivalent of a man living with me. WTF?


  1. I think this better be the last time you let Dave stay with Daisy Dog! She's gonna start thinking that all that guy-teachings is normal!

  2. Yeah, having a well behaved animal is such a bad thing. A pet is not supposed to be used as a way to increase self esteem or as a way to help with an intamacy disorder...that is what therapists are for.


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