Thursday, June 12, 2008

Man oh Man . . .

You want me, you don't want me. When I want you, you're 'seeing someone new' and "just don't want to go back down that road again."

Oh yeah? What ROAD is that? The one where you see me for a few months, talk about vacations and trips we'll never take? Then, just as I regain my self confidence and start to enjoy our time together, you disappear for God knows how long and I'm left to recover again.

I FINALLY got you out of my system AND my cell phone (no more drunken dialing for me) and what happens? I get an email from you and it starts it all over again. . .

I hate you.

That's why I deleted your email and blocked you from sending any others.


  1. BEEN THERE!!! Ohhh, girl, be strong!

  2. Just say No, sista!!!!!!!!!
    BTW, just read your blog about Customer Service and totally laughed my butt off! I so want to beat those people that don't know how to freaking smile. I guess it's a vocational hazard of ours, isn't it?!


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