Thursday, June 5, 2008

Per HIS request

I have had a request to take down our picture (I'm secretly OK with this - since I was in such a hurry to get my blog posted, I didn't choose the most flattering picture) But, don't worry - one of my many, MANY hobbies is photography, (and scrapbooking and writing, and basket weaving and pottery, and dog agility training - shut up now Dave.) and I have over 3000 pictures and more to come so there will be plenty more posted.

I also just got a FABULOUS new "do" so once I get more pictures of me and my "do" - I'll re-post.

Thanks for all of your comments and stay tuned as I am currently working on PART DEUX!! So, tell all your friends/fans and readers of your blogs to come on over to and check me out!!

Gotta go - the A/C at my house is broken and the A/C man is on his way.
Ta Ta for now!!

(PS - The above "PIMP MY BLOG" moment is brought to you by my favorite author/blogger Jen Lancaster as she told all of her followers to get out there and Pimp their blogs!)

If you don't know who Jen is - check out:


  1. Puhleeze.... Dave can so totally deal!!! ;)
    Sorry, Dave, I work with her and feel like I know you!

    Can't wait to see your new do', Shopgirl... but it have to wait until I'm back from vaca!!!!

  2. I know, I know - but it's all good.
    Have fun on VACAY - can't wait for you to read SAPF!! I'm almost done - think I'm going to re-read Bitter since she's not going to blog for awhile!!

    My new do is soooooo cool - just in time for California!!

    C-ya and travel safe.

  3. Pimp away girlfriend!!!!

    I wanna see the New Do!!!

  4. Dave is a pussy faggot!

  5. Yes, you were a big pussy faggot when I was with you last night. Are you walking ok today?

  6. Yes, Jill and I were married for a short time. I would say that it was a very good time...minus the vagina thing. Remove the vagina and it would have been a long lasting marriage. Where does all that rank fish smell come from? WOW

  7. My Dearest David,
    Why oh why didn't we make it? Could it be your way with words? Your kind words always have a way of making me want to take a razor blade to my wrist . . .

    Love you like a foot fungus baby. . . xoxo


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