Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dead Mouse! Dead Mouse! Dead Mouse!!

I just went out to my garage for something and as I'm searching, my eyes land on a DEAD MOUSE laying on a shelf in my garage!!! This is the SECOND dead animal I've had to deal with this weekend!! I'm MOVING - well, I'm not going back into the garage for at least 3 days (which is how long I'll be gone on my next trip.)

Saturday morning -after a long and oh so fun night of drinking with two BFFs - I'm woken up by my dearest dog, Daisy, who wants to go out side. Hungover, I oblige her by slowly crawling out of bed, go pee, take more Advil, stumble downstairs and open the back door for her to go "out." I retreat to my couch, flip on the TV and let the Dr. (Pepper - diet) and Advil work their magic. An hour (ok 3) later, I'm annoyed enough by the constant barking of my dearest (obnoxious) Daisy and stagger to the door only I don't see her precious face waiting to be let in, I see a DEAD Robin lying on it's back at the door.

Let me tell you - hung over and having to deal with a "fresh" dead bird on a Saturday morning (afternoon) is NOT the way to start your weekend. I'm not sure if Daisy had anything to do with this death or not - although she was quite interested in it when I had to pick it up (gloves on up to my ears and I used a rake and LOTS of plastic bags (sorry environment) so as to not catch any bird flu (or touch it on my bare skin anywhere.)

I had just gotten over the dead bird sight - and now, I have a dead mouse to deal with in my garage. Thank god Dave is coming over to cook me dinner tonight - I'll make him take care of it.

This, this is when a single girl really needs a man in the house (among other things) to take care of the rodents, bugs and other things "ick."

Ok - I think I'll be ok - I'm going to stay in the house until Dave arrives and then order him to search and recover the dead mouse (to the trash can).

Wish me luck on a more "lively" day . . .


  1. A mouse!!! YUCK!! I'm so sorry!
    Good thing you have Dave around!! :)

    Have a good week. Maybe we'll both be in the office on the same day sometime!

  2. Hey there - yeah - it was pretty gross!! Yes - hopefully we'll be back in the office at the same time.
    C-ya soon - travel safe!!

  3. Ewwwww!

    Once a dead bird dropped down my fireplace. I COMPLETELY freaked out.


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