Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I wish I may, I wish I might, get the ONE wish I wish tonight and every night . . .

One Wish: If you had one wish, what would it be?

Well, since I’m a bit of a selfish little bitch, I’d want more than one wish – really, if I’m wishing here – I’d wish for more wishes. Hmmmmm.. makes you applaud my mother’s reasoning for re-sending me to pre-school to learn how to share – amongst other things.

Anyway, back to my wish-es. I wish I was skinny. No, I wish I didn’t love food as much as I do – then, I’d be skinnier. No, I wish I liked to work out – A LOT – then I could eat because I love food so much. No, I wish I had a high metabolism – then I wouldn’t have to work out AND I could eat what ever my rapid beating heart desired - because let’s face it, who really likes to work out anyway? For those of you that do – I’m so not liking you (or believing you) right now.

Another wish? I wish I could sing. Out loud. Not just in my car or to my dog (which I’m sure hurts her ears more than ANYONES.) I wish people actually WANTED to hear me (my mom doesn’t count either) sing. I’m totally into the “Wicked” Soundtrack right now that I just want to sing out loud in my cubicle (and quiet frankly, I’m pretty sure it will happen) along with GaLinda to the song “Popular.” I’ve been ‘shushed’ so many times this week because I talk to loud that I’m pretty sure bursting out in song will have even more negative ramifications. Hmmm.. could I be written up? Or, maybe they’d send me home. THAT’S really wouldn’t be such a bad thing. I’m going to start warming up my pipes. . . .

But here’s my wish of all wishes – The MOTHER WISH if you will:

I wish I had a tall drink of water that would be there every morning when I wake up, lying next to me. I got a tiny morsel of this last week – but it lasted for approximately a minute – and now, I’m craving it!! Unfortunately this morsel was not quite the taste I was looking for so I’ll have to keep searching the ‘menu’ until I find that perfect meal (er – I mean man, see? It all comes back to food with me). I’m tired and a little bitter too, of seeing and watching everyone around me in love and holding each other and just “being with” one another. I want that too!! I want it dammit! I need it I CRAVE IT!!

I want a man in my bed AND my life. As a single and pretty self sufficient woman, I forgot how NICE it was to wake up with another human being lying next to me. I mean, I love my dog and all, but there is no comparison to human flesh on human flesh intertwined breathing on one another. For the first time in a very long, long time, I woke up with an ACTUAL smile on face. God, it felt so gooooo-oood that I almost wish it wouldn’t have happened at all because I want it full-time.

To those of you that have this – I hate you (just a little bit.) I covet not your man, but your relationship. Don’t take it for granted . . . .


  1. shopgirl.....I think I am in love withyou! You are so funny and so....REAL!!! I would love to healthy food with you. healthy salad...with lots of veggies...and fried chicken on top, with lots of ranch dressing!! ;)

  2. Reading the part about singing, I began nodding and formulating my comment, then I got to the tall drink of water. I have one and I am so grateful. I also believe we can all have it if we are open to it.

    Here's hoping you find yourself a dazzling body of water!


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