Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Ok so we all know that I am single and would really, really like to finds me a man (and then immediately find EVERYTHING WRONG with him - kidding - sort of, my therapist and I are working on this one.) Like I was saying, I want a mans and if I did get as far as marrying him I'd even take his name (this would be weird since I've had mine for so long now, but I really think I'd take his name)

Did y'all hear me? I'd take his name UNLESS it was this last name that I just came across doing resume searches. "Hiscock" This person is a female. Awww... honey, if you're not married - GET MARRIED, if you ARE married - why oh why did you take his last name???

What - was yours worse?

Like, Hertwat?


  1. Hertwat!!!! That's golden..

    I grew up with some Hoggs and Butts living in my hometown. It would have been fun if they had married and taken on the hyphenated name. Mrs. Hoggs-Butts. ha!

    Yes, in fact I did just recently graduate from junior high.

  2. Recently graduated from Junior High eh?? THAT is golden!!

    I actually had a friend whose last name was Moore and he married someone witha last name of Dick. (I SWEAR I'm not making it up)

    Well, you can see why there was no hyphenation there!!

  3. Oh no, the Moore - Dick wedding?? I hope you kept one of those invitations!

  4. And Shopgirl, there is our old Assistant, who's last name was Shook, who married a guy with the last name Wood...

    But yes, Hertwat- I about choked. That was priceless!!

  5. OMG - I can't believe I forgot Shook-Wood!! Thanks for reminding me!!
    Too funny . . hmmm this could be an ongoing post . . .

  6. gawd, you crack me up!!! I thought I was the only person who ever thought these things!


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