Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Things I've learned . . .

* Grocery shopping after a “few” drinks is NEVER a good idea.
I went in for a quart of milk. Came out with a bag of Halloween candy, mozzarella cheese sticks, doughnuts and ho-ho’s, barely remembering to grab the milk!

* Even though I'm wearing a cute shirt and killer heels - I don’t “look sober” and the customers in the grocery store ARE talking about me.

* Volunteering to bring in a breakfast casserole is also not a good idea if you’re planning on drinking the night before. (even if you’re only having “one”)

* If you don’t normally wake up early when you HAVEN’T been drinking the night before – you WILL NOT wake up early just because you have a breakfast casserole to bake.

* Patron is STILL tequila, no matter how smooth it goes down. My gag reflex will still kick in . . .

* I always have a fun night out with Dave. . .

* Birthday month is F U N!!


  1. I so can picture you trying to act all calm and sober!! Thanks so much for making the sacrifice of getting up earlier to bring in the yummy casserole!!!!!

  2. Hey girlie - no worries - you're worth it! Happy Birthday!!

  3. I almost got HoHos today but I went with the Ding Dongs instead. For real! :)

  4. Ahhh, yes - the hungover grocery store trip!!! I have made that mistake before. Once I came back with about $100 worth of assorted beverages due to my cotton-mouthed state! I just couldn't pass up something non-alcoholic to drink and stuck it all in my cart! I laughed at the checkout lane once I saw all my purchases lined up on the conveyor - I hadn't even noticed what I was doing!

  5. Oh, the drunken grocery store walk of is it we can't remember the milk but can totally notice everyone staring at us?

    Patron doesn't gag me like Cuervo anymore.

    angelawd: the writer gets the last word


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