Sunday, October 12, 2008

Photo Tag!

I was just tagged by my friend, DeeMarie to do this picture meme.

This picture was taken about 3 years ago when I went to a Cleveland Indians game. Before we headed to Jacobs Field (that's what it was called back then) we were at the Winking Lizard and Zydrunas Ilgauskas was there with some of his buddies having beers and shots. Zydrunas is like 7 feet tall. I look like a freaking munchkin next to him!!! Also - I should NEVER wear tank tops - ever.

Ok - so here's how it works:

Game Rules: Pick the 4th file, 4th picture from your folder of photos and post it, sharing the story behind the photo.Pick 4 people to tag and share the love.
I'm sharing with:
And, well - that's all for now -because I've tagged everyone else on my list of blogs (or they've been tagged already.) and I don't want to offend anyone!!


  1. OMG! I nearly freaked! Okay, I did freak, but only for a moment. The guy standing to the right of the really tall guy looks exactly, exactly like a really good friend of mine from Missouri! How fun is this post. I'm playin'. But not tonight. I've got a date with the TV! :)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Have a good week in FL. Miss you here at work already!

  3. Is it your birthday??? Happy birthday! You're in FL? So jealous!!!

  4. I actually live near Cleveland...small world!! And I love standing next to tall people it makes me feel tiny (it's a good fantasy lol).

  5. Thanks Mandee! Yes - to day is my b-day! My co-workers took me out to dinner and had me some cheese cake too!

    18 minutes to go - I'll probably be asleep before my bday is over. . .

    Thanks again!!

  6. OHHHHH! Happy late birthday!!!

  7. Okay...I did the tag. Check it out! BTW...Happy Birthday!

  8. Hello? Is it time for FL pictures yet??


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