Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Off to bed . . . .

Hmmmm... so tonight I had Taco Bell - Mexican (sorta) again. And AGAIN I watched "The Girls Next Door" - shut up! I can't help it - I think secretly I want to be a bunny - too bad I weigh as much as all three of them together (well, not really - but that's how I feel - especially after the Taco Bell!) So, I"m getting ready to 'hit the hay' but what am I watching now? The Cleaner on A&E - oooohhhh Benji Bratt - oooo laaaa laaaa - me like you dirty!!!!

Seriously - I thought you were HOT on L & O - but OH MY GAWD - are you FREAKING hot as a cleaned up druggie!!

Hmmmm... Playboy bunnies - former drug addicts, now cleaners no wonder my dreams are a little eefffd up!!

Nighty night y'all!!!

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