Friday, October 24, 2008

The Best Therapy ever . . .

And it only cost me $100, from Petfinder (if you or anyone you know is considering getting a dog - check out Petfinder or your local shelters- the best dogs are right there waiting for their forever homes!)

Ok - off my soap box for homeless pooches - but seriously, they are my passion - so please, help your local shelters.

Ok - really, I'm done now. Here's tonight's blog:

We all know HOW MUCH I LOVE MY DOG right? (No? See this, this and this)

Well, take a look at what she let me do to her last night. I was having such a crummy week - and after crying myself to sleep the past couple of nights, I just needed a good laugh and my palio came to my rescue. I LOVE THIS DOG.


  1. Oh Daisy. We know mom's crazy. But she loves you more than anything. Keep putting up with it, kay? If not I'm afraid she's going to take a bus to the Mansion and we may never see her again!!

  2. I love your dog. She looks like my dog's twin but Bailey would never let me get away with that crap. Great pictures and I hope things are looking up soon!

  3. The Frankenstein ear bolts are the best!! And you know, it's funny. There's a post idea going around in my head where we're all on a bus (a short one!) together, and you yell out "Wanna see pictures of my dog in drag?" - and now, just look at how I've got you pegged!

    Feeling better?

  4. Daisy, with or without a costume you are an adorable pooch :-) Halloween is almost here so maybe your mom will lighten on the costumes? But I think the mouse mask is the best!!!

  5. Oh, that was fabulous! When I was little I use to do those kinds of things to my little dog. So, cute and so in love she is with you to let you do those things to her.


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