Friday, November 7, 2008

Do you remember . . .

When MTV was just that, MUSIC Televison? Don't get me wrong - I love, love love the Real World - was sooooooooooo in love with Eric from the first Real World - when they were ACTUALLY REAL.

My buddy DeeMarie has me working on this HORRIBLE HORRIBLE project (I kid, only) at work so while I'm data entering (such a good use of my mad recruiting skillz I tell you) I'm listening to my iPod (which I pronounce "ip-id", why? because.) Anyway, the MTV theme song from the 90's came on (I don't know why - but I have it) and it just made me think about how cool MTV used to be. Before the Hills, Real World, Road Rules and even VH1 - which is really my generations MTV.

Of course, this lead me to search the World Wid Web in hopes to actually find a sound bite of the theme song (since I can't figure out how to copy it from my iTunes and paste it into my blog) Of course, doing that - pasting it into my blog is probably illegal and infringes on some copyright - but really? Who would complain about the Club MTV Theme Song being copied onto my blog for all 5 of you (FABULOUS 5 at that) to listen? If you know how I can get it on here - well, email me and I'll take the risk!

Anyway - listening to it took me back, WAAAAAAAAAAAAY back. Like to the days of my MC Hammer pants and my Bobby Brown (pre-Whitney) black patent shoes. I was so cool it just makes me want to CRY thinking about how "cool" I was. Don't believe me? I had my SENIOR picture taken in those MC HAMMER pants - yep, mom was soooooooo proud of me. And the background? Hot Pink and Electric Blue neon lights - stop your jealousy right now, you can never, ever be as cool as me. I am sorry.

Can I also tell you that I pegged the legs of my jeans so tight it's a wonder my ankles are still attached? Yes, I was so hip with the fashion trends. Ok, so I know you all pegged your jeans
while wearing your Banana Clip in your spiral permed hair that you "froze" in place with your Paul Mitchel Freeze n Shine spray.

C'mon - take a trip down memory lane with me - send pictures if you have 'em!


  1. I used Rave. Volume 4, which I believe should have been termed "superglue for your hair".
    Do you know the first video played on MTV? Video Killed the Radio Star, by the Buggles. True story. Sorry about the mind-numbing project. I really am.

  2. Whatever. You and Dee are too upper crust for me. I could not bring myself to use aerosol because, you know, CFCs and such. I was all green, back before green was cool. And my hair TOTALLY SUFFERED FOR IT. If I had my life to live again? I'd go back to high school and get me some of that Freeze N Shine. Don't think I wouldn't! Global warming? Wazzat??

  3. Sadly, I don't remember. MTV in my time was The Real World, TRL, crappy original movies... and a show in which hidden cameras were put in cars to catch people singing to themselves.

    Oh, and Daria. Which I kind of miss.

  4. MTV back in the day was the bomb. I was watching it in 1983...which makes me older than dirt but i'm okay with that. It used to be all music and now it's almost all fluff. Sad!!!

  5. I used this stuff called "spritz" and it was the best!!!! and MTV, when it was only music, was the best. I could watch it for days on end. Now? nawwwwww, fugetaboutit.

  6. I have destroyed all of those pictures :) I was an Aqua Net girl myself.

  7. Ooh, remember that fight between Julie and Kevin? Man, that takes me back!

  8. Oh, you so had me at banana clip. I remember. I remember. Thanks for the trip. I think I just may have to send you a picture of my, dare I say, 'hip' self. Your going to have to give me some time. The picture needs to be scanned. It's on my list of things to do. :)

  9. I KNOW I am old because I watch MTV now and I just don't understand it. It's so fast and bright and loud. Great. I sound like my mom. I DO have her legs, why not her intolerance for new-fangled television. Did you see that? I typed "new-fangled". What am I, 50?


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