Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 6 . . . I think I can I think I can . .

Day 6 of Giving Thanks - who would have thunk this would have been so hard?? But, here's my daily 10.

1. I'm thankful that's it's day 6.
2. I'm thankful my girls from the OC are back on Bravo.
3. I'm thankful tomorrow is my last day of work (for the week!)
4. I'm thankful I'm finally home, it's been a long day.
5. I'm thankful my cold is mostly gone.
6. I'm thankful I get to wear jeans tomorrow at work - woo hoo! (it's day 6 people, I'm running out of things here!)
7. I'm thankful that my mom stopped over tonight to let the Daisy Dog out for me (but she left my door OPEN - not unlocked, OPEN! So that was a little scary!!)
8. I'm thankful NO INTRUDERS were in here because see this to find out what Daisy would have done.
9. I'm thankful for Fudgesicles (again) they are just so yummy!
10. I'm thankful for my comfy bed . . . here I come.


  1. I totally missed OC because I don't have cable yet, but I CANNOT WAIT to catch up!

  2. I'm thankful to be in jeans too!! Sometimes it's the little things. Can't believe mom left the door open. EEK!!


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