Thursday, December 10, 2009

Got what I wished for... sort of...

Well, I finally got one.  I got me a laptop.  Well, it's a loner right now - and it's not the shiny pretty pink one that I wanted, and it's a bit old, and well, it doesn't have a wireless card so I can't really use it anywhere other than my office or my bedroom unless I don't want to hook up to the internet.  But, I finally got one.  I'm thinking of purchasing it (old and NOT PINK and all) from a friend of mine.  He's letting me give it a try.  It's a little slow -but I think if I take it to my "computer geek guy" and get him to tune it up (and put a wireless card in it) then it will be fine.  And really, right now I'm so busy working at the bar and photography studio that I have no time to go to Starbucks or Borders or Panera and look all "I'm so cool I'm sitting here drinking my latte' while surfing the web."  So really, the fact that I can only use this thing in two room of my house right now and the bedroom on my comfy bed being one of them?  Is perfectly fine with me.  And well, look - it finally got me to blog again.


So not much is new in my life other than I'm working a lot at the bar and photography studio.  I've decided that while I still enjoy photography and I'm learning a lot, I'm even more assured that I made the right choice to NOT HAVE CHILDREN. Great photographers (like the one that I'm becoming) get those great looking shots of kids smiling and having so much fun that it makes most everyone want to have children.  Those photographers?  Don't have said children.

After 6-8 house of photographing SCREAMING, NON-COOPERATIVE, SICK AND JUST DOWN-RIGHT ROTTEN CHILDREN?  (and don't forget the creepy husband/dads that are hitting on me and my co-workers while their wives are doing all the work with THEIR offspring - ugggh)  I am so.convinced. that I made the right decision to never-evah-have children.  (and I'm REALLY beginning to hate married men too) Oy - are kids a lot of work! And all I can think about when I'm driving home is that I'm so thankful that it's still legal to keep dogs locked in a kennel or outside while mommy relaxes with a fifth of vodka after work cocktail.

Working at the bar has been quite entertaining as well.  So far, in the month that I've been there I've met all.sorts.of.folks.

Today?  I was hit on by a guy who just got his Jeep working - and he was just soooooo happy about that.  It hasn't run/ran in 3-4 whole months.  I know, right?  3-4 months and it wasn't running and? he was a mechanic too - OBVIOUSLY not a good one or so I thought.  The Jeep you see sat idle for 1 month, but he was on HOUSE ARREST for 3 months - so you see?  It all worked out - he didn't really NEED the jeep all this time.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking - "Oh Shopgirl, look how you have turned your life around.  Why, just one year ago, you were working for the largest retail corporation in the world and now?  You're serving beer and shots to Mr. House Arrest." I know, I too, have to pinch myself each morning just to make sure it's real.

Other things going on in my life right now, we are in the middle of a Blizzard/Windstorm here in Shopgirls hometown.  It's a balmy 46 degrees here with 33 MPH Winds.  And in true Shopgirl - I - can't -wait -to-see-what-happens-to-me-next fashion, I'm sure that I will wake up tomorrow with absolutely no more siding on my house.  I'm also lying in bed with a sweatshirt hoodie on with the hood up because my OLD house is SO OLD that the wind is blowing through.  I feel a little like Dorothy and and scared that I'm going to wake up in Oz tomorrow.  Which actually?  Wouldn't be so bad since I'd  loves me some red sparkly shoes right about now.

One more thing to ramble on about before I check out of here and hit the sack - Just watched "Four Christmases" tonight with the dreamy and hilarious Vince Vaughn and Cutie Pe-tutie Reese Witherspoon and let me sum it up for you:  Laughed so hard I nearly peed - funniest movie hands down.  This is a must see -if you haven't been a lame girl like me and saw it when it originally came out.

Well, I have to go get my mittens and scarf and about 4 more blankets and head to bed in my igloo of a home. I just hope it doesn't get blown away tonight.

Nitey Night....


  1. You know, I just had to buy a new cell phone because my beloved pink RAZR died, and my sole criteria was that the new phone be pink. And they had NONE. Honestly?!

    So, I'm with ya on the pink laptop thing. It might be the deciding factor for me!

    Anyway, glad you're posting again, even if it's not on a pink computer.


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