Monday, March 15, 2010

Just a few things I learned today.

1st thing I learned today: When heading "out" with laptop (Borrowed from the infamous Katie Couric of Akron - seriously? U.Rock.the.CASBAH!)  so you can write your blog in a place where you are SURE you will find inspiration? First, find out if the Wi-Fi is FREE (since you're still UNEMPLOYED) Yeah, Starbucks and your $5 Frappa-FUCKING-chino? (that yes, I KNOW I don't need, much less should be splurging on, but if I'm going to use their Wi-fi, I thought, maybe I should buy something from their store? Well, for a 2 hour "pass" to use their Wi-fi is $3.99 plus tax or whatever, I didn't even bother to read all the "other crap" I just took my now purchased Frappachino and left. Starbucks - you suck and I won't be back....)

Next off to Panera, where the Wi-fi is free -but yet, I simply CANNOT go in there with my SB cup - right? Well, I could, but really?  Do I want to be that girl?  No.I.Do.Not. So, now I'm hopped up on a few quick sips of my Frappachino and I must now buy a Shortbread cookie -because, well have you HAD a Panera Shortbread cookie?  You must - one word - YUM!  (and the cheapest thing on the menu.)  So now my "free" wi-fi experience has cost me a Frappachino AND a cookie (well, and if I'm being honest here) a cup (not a bowl) of soup.

2nd. thing I learned today: DON'T try to find your "writing inspiration place" somewhere where they sell food - you fattie!!!  YOU. WILL. WANT. TO. EAT.... AND EAT..... AND EAT SOME MORE.  (Even though you had lunch with mom and dad four hours ago (well, four hours IS a long time -BUT, the cookie/frappa debacle should have sufficed until you got home.

3rd thing I learned today:  I HAVE ADHD.  I cannot concentrate on my own thing without listening to  GAWD - those people that hear "voices"  - I feel for you.

4th thing I learned today:  Bring headphones next time.  Everyone else with a laptop here?  also wearing earphones - I OBVIOUSLY didn't get the memo and am so.behind. the.times. when it comes to Wi-fiing out in the open public.

5th thing I learned today:  Be a little less OBVIOUS when eavesdropping on public in
I soooooo got busted listening to and staring at random girl telling boyfriend she couldn't believe she got a DUI last week.(just to be clear, I was listening to stupid girl and staring at her HAWT boyfriend - not good anyway you look at it, I know, but I just wanted to clarify.)

6th thing I learned today:  People will talk about ANYTHING in public place.  Seriously? Reality TV so does not compare to what you can overhear in a Panera.... I am now considering canceling my cable service (since I'm still unemployed) and hanging out here for my entertainment.

7th and last thing I learned (well at least while at Panera) today:  I really, really need to get my camera back out - there are some pretty cool pictures here and they are of BAGELS.  Seriously?  Panera Bread PAID for this "artwork."  The unemployed Shopgirl with her $500 very nice DSLR camera at home?  Could take better pictures.

Ok - I'm outta here - it's finally warm(er) in Ohio and I'm going to take poochers for walk!

Ciao Babies!!


  1. Sister, I have missed you!! I just got a laptop after my computer broke up with me... so I plan to be stalky and posty and stuff soon. We seriously need to get together. Maybe we can meet at Panera and do joint posts!! Hugs, girlie!!

  2. found my way to your blog via swishy and i'm loving what i'm reading!


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