Monday, May 17, 2010

For the love of blogging...

Why did I LOVE to blog when I had a job with literally no time at all to blog (unless I was avoiding the work I didn't really enjoy?) and now? now that I'm working less hours (sorta) than I was before (earning no less) I can't think of a blooming thing to write about? Also? In my free-ish time, I should consider taking a class on becoming a better writer? My English/Writing teachers would be so proud right now. Ehh? Wadda-ya going to do?

Ok - so this blog is going to be a mish-mosh of all kinds of stuff. You know, stuff that's on my mind lately and my IRL friends probably don't want to hear me talk about - but I think it's kind of important stuff. And? Maybe my migraine will go away if I get it all out of my head? Prolly not, but it's worth a shot, so here goes:

1. Just got back from a 5 day vacation to Naples, FL. Helped my sis celebrate her 50th birthday. (I'm her MUCH MUCH younger sister - seriously I am - it's double digit younger!!)

2. Am really thinking about moving to Florida this fall. It's much to hot there now and throughout the summer months. But come September-October? I'm seriously thinking of becoming "snow-bird" and flying south for winter. My sis says that there's a lot of money in Naples and I think I'm going to try to land a job bartending for the winter months. What do I have to lose? I'm not working a corporate job right now. (not going to say "real job" because going to the bar everyday to serve the drunks their liquour? IS real.)

Also? I just don't think I ever want to go back to a corporate job. At least not right now. Seriously, I got an email while on vacay about a temp/contract job doing what I used to do and while it appealed to me (the money) I actually got a stomach ache just thinking about going back to that life? Is that a sign? And if so, what kind of sign? Is it "I don't want to go back?" or "I could go back and have my old life back again?" I don't know, all I know is I got sick to my stomach and the only thing to calm me down? Was a Pina Colada... (Ok, I'm sure Vodka would have helped too, but when in Rome.....)

3. It's been WELL over a year since I was laid off from my job and this past weekend I saw my former VP and several people from work and even though I wanted to run - I actually did ok - (I was actually there volunteering my photography services for Relay for Life thing) but WHY does everyone still ask "how I'm doing" like I got a death sentence when I lost my job? Uggh!!! It's been over a year and a half people - I have moved on. Please do the same.

4. After a year and a half of NOT working at old job? Former VP knew my name. Find it strangely funny that he didn't know it when I worked there. Hmmmm....

5. This should have probably went with number 1 - while on vacation - I was at the beach and about waist deep in the ocean - just walking and doing some serious thinking about moving down there, etc. etc. and all of a sudden the color of the water changed beside me. I took a closer look and it was a school of about 15-20 stingrays!! It was the most amazing thing I have ever encountered - so cool that I just can't properly describe it. How cool to be that close to "wild animals" in their element. It was serene. We walked/swam down the coast for about 10-15 minutes (which seemed like a longer time) about 1-2 feet away from each other. If I hadn't been at the beach by myself that day, I probably would have tried to actually touch them and "swim with them." but I couldn't get Steve Erwin out of my mind so I kept my distance and just walked with them for as long as they allowed.

6. Did my second photo shoot on my own (and even got paid!) and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. So wish I could have the self esteem that I tell everyone else to have!! I'm my own worst critic and I think I need to let up on this old gal soon before she has a friggin melt down!! But I've been this way for way too long and just don't know how to stop or change.

Back to the photos - they were another set of Senior pics and they were done outside and I think that they turned out AWESOME if I do say so myself - yes, I said AWESOME...

I have a website -but it needs work - I need to call my nephew - he's so much better at this web stuff - I need him to help me with it.

Ok - well, that's all I have for now - plus? I've been at Panera now for almost 3 hours and this is all I've been able to crank out for a blog - so I need to go!

Shopgirl out!

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