Thursday, May 29, 2008

Such a Pretty BAD DOG!!!!!

OMG! I hopped into bed last night totally excited to read Jen Lancaster's newest book -
"Such a Pretty Fat" only to discover that my Best Dog Ever - Daisy Dog, CHEWED my book while I was at work yesterday!!!!!! UGGGGHHHH.

She is officially the Worst Dog Ever today.

Actually, just for about 15 minutes last night when I banished her from the bed - but then realized I couldn't fall asleep with out her - but that was a LONG and MEAN 15 minutes for her - OK, mostly for me but whatever.

I was so upset for those 15 minutes that I couldn't even READ!! Now I tell you, I don't know which is worse, to see my new pristine book mauled nearly to death or being so distraught that I couldn't read!!! To make matters even worse, WHAT IF the Great Ms. Lancaster comes to a bookstore near me?? How am I supposed to take THIS book and have it signed??

SIDE BAR -- Ms. Lancaster, if by some MIRACLE, you do read this post - PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come to Akron/Cleveland Ohio or at the very least, Columbus - which is loads of fun and has FABULOUS shopping.

I guess I will just tell her to take it as a compliment, (along with the cupcakes I'll bring for both Jen and her dogs) I mean, Miss Daisy Dog has seen me reading and definitely heard me laughing at Jen's past books, maybe Daisy wanted to see what it was all about. Hmmm... Oh well, at least she only got the back of the book - she really would be in trouble (I'm talking a whole hour or maybe two) if she would have ruined any pages!!

I still love the Daisy Dog and, for those that know me, those 15 minutes really was tougher on ME than her. That damn dog!!! I love her so!!


  1. But look at her, sinking her teeth into such fun reading!! I'm sure that 15 minutes were torture-- for you! Glad the book wasn't totally ruined. Oh, and if Ms. Lancaster comes to Columbus, we are so going down to see her!! I'll even spring for a new copy for you! ;)

  2. Aww...Daisy-Dog looks so innocent in that picture you posted here...I think she knew that those 15-minutes wasn't really punishment for her :-)

  3. Deemarie and Clem - thanks for the comments - you know I couldn't be mad at that dog if my life depended on it!! She is too cute! (I'm biased I know). And yes, if Ms. Lancaster comes within a 3 hour radius of us, Deemarie, the roadtrip is ON!! No new book required - I think I'll have it signed right were Daisy Dog took her bite!!


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