Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mr. Fed Ex Man just brought my new phone!

Yippie! It's finally here! My new Cell phone!! I know, it's just a cell phone, but I'm one of those dorks who hasn't upgraded her phone in at least 5 years. Yes, I've had the same boring phone for at least 5 years and actually, maybe longer b/c when I last upgraded I just traded my sis in law for my EXACT same phone because mine had broke. Don't ask me why I did that, only reason is because I already knew how to use my phone, and I'm too lazy to learn another one. But two days ago I decided it was time for an upgrade and, after talking with a very flirty customer service rep named Brandon, I now have the new and exciting LG enV2 V Cast Messging Phone! (whatever that means)

Here's what I know so far - it's soooooooooooo cute and it's Maroon and Black and flips open like a book! And, now when I text (oh yes, texting I know - THIS technology hasn't passed me up) but now I will be able to text much faster b/c I have a REAL KEYBOARD to type on!!!

Brandon told me that it has a much better camera than my old phone (2.0mp) and because it was so much newer than my older phone he insisted on sending me a new car charger and he threw in a cute leather case for my pretty new phone. Thankyou Mr. Brandon : ) OK - he didn't exactly throw in the case and charger, but I bet if he could have he would have - whatever stupid Verizon sales rules.

I bet Brandon was sooooooooooooo cute, he sounded cute. Oh well, everytime I look at my new phone in it's leather case I will think of my little Brandon. Well, until I get a new case because, frankly, the little black leather case that he sent? It's actually ugly so now I will go shopping for a cute phone case - ooohhh I bet Coach has cute case. Hmmm... I'll check out More like ebay or some other lower price store - at $4/gallon, I'm on a budget these days.

Anyway, back to me and my new phone. It also comes with Bluetooth - THIS technology is very new to me so for the next hour, or however long it takes for my new little phone to charge, I'll be reading my Tips, hints and shortcuts book.

Ta Ta!!!

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