Wednesday, June 25, 2008

California Dreaming . . .

So, week two in California was a busy one. We (my District Manager and Store manager) had three solid days of interviewing candidates for a new store that will open in the fall in Chino Hills. This part of my job never gets old (well, maybe at the end of the day) because people will tell you the craziest things in an interview (or anywhere for that matter.) Don’t believe me? Next time you’re talking to a complete stranger, on the bus, a plane, at the mall – wherever, just start talking to them and out of no where ask them something personal and see what happens. I get to experience this every week. I don’t know if it’s me or if it’s really true that people will tell you just about anything, but I get so many crazy answers and stories to my interview questions that I am seriously thinking about writing a book. (hmmmm…. I think I have an idea for another blog!)

So since I’m all the way out in California for three days of work, I decided to stay the weekend and take in the sights (beaches) of sunny California. Well, first off, it was UNSEASONABLY warm that week. I’m talking three digit temps. I think the last day I was there it was an ungodly 113 degrees! I had sweat in places I didn’t think could sweat. Very pretty sight I might add, too.

Staying the extra couple of days sounded like a good idea when I booked the trip like 2-3 weeks prior. After being in L.A. the first week and then another right after, (and being homesick) those extra days sounded more like boot camp than vacation to me. I was really looking forward to hitting the beach – but since it was so hot I didn’t feel like lugging myself and all my beach necessities to and from the car. This is when boyfriends come in handy, they carry stuff and feel all manly and I can act girly as I walk in my cute new bathing suit, cover up and flipity – flops and find the perfect spot in the sand. It’s a win-win really. But, with no man at hand, that idea was shot to hell.

I was discussing this point with Dave, when he tells me that he can’t believe I haven’t “hooked-up” with men while I’m on the road. I’m in a different city/hotel every week – why haven’t I done this? His tone is serious and I’m like, “haven’t you watched Law and Order SVU ever? Um, hello. . . . people DIE ALONE in HOTEL ROOMS with NO ONE BACK HOME knowing what happened to them!” Ok, so maybe I watch a little too much CSI, Law and Order, The First 48 and Cold Case Files, but still – it happens – all of those shows, while fictional, are BASED on ACTUAL events. (It says so in the credits.)

Anyway, he somehow convinces me to go on and see if anyone is looking for a hook-up in the OC. But, my computer’s firewall prevents me from checking Craigslist out, so we decide on Now, Dave is at my house on my computer and logged in as me and I’m in CA on my work computer and logged in as well and we’re both looking for a man for me that I can go on a date with. Is Dave not the greatest man on this earth or what? (and you cook – yes, you rock right now Dave). So, we begin our search and I narrow it down to those who are on line at that moment. I’m only going to be in L.A. for the weekend, I need to act quickly. So I find a couple and start off with a wink and then email. I can’t believe how easy it was and how quickly I got over my anxiety about this whole thing. Dave and I finish chatting for the evening, since it’s late in Ohio and we’re about to say our goodbye’s and just as I hang up, I got an instant message from Bachelor number one.

It's 2am in Ohio and I need to get my beauty sleep. Stay tuned . . .

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  1. Dave does rock. I want to suck his cock.


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