Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Update to my broken Dog - scroll down and read Dave Broke my dog first . . .

Tonight Dave came over to cook dinner for my friend Jerry and I and Daisy nearly knocked Dave over with the jumping and licking. (So maybe she’s not broke after all.) Dinner, however, was scrumptious. (Even though you yelled at me about everything I bought or had in MY kitchen.)

We had Chicken and Arugula Sandwiches from the Giant recipe collection. I was in charge of the ingredients and Dave would be all Rachael-Dave for the evening. So, I shopped at lunch and got the ingredients and for those of you that know me, I HATE TO GROCERY SHOP so I do it as quickly as possible. And of course, I didn’t do it to Dave’s liking.

First off, if you do make this recipe - (and you should because it's quite tasty)

– it calls for 1 Tablespoon of Honey and I want everyone out there to know that Honey costs $5 for that STUPID BEAR shaped jar! $5 FREAKING DOLLARS – what am I ever going to use Honey for again?? So, I’m going to give you a tip that my BFF gave me AFTER we had dinner. Go to Starbucks and ask for a couple of packages – unless you feel you’ll have a need for Honey in future – which I’m pretty sure I won’t. You can also go to KFC and do the same. (Dave and I thought of this one - umm.. hello? Biscuits anyone?)

So I get the ingredients and when Dave gets to my house he immediately mocks my shopping – because instead of horseradish sauce, (doesn’t it look like hoser radish? – anyway ...) I got some sort of creamy horseradish thing in a squirt bottle. I swear, it was the only HORSERADISH sauce I saw. (According to Dave, and his almighty grocery shopping knowledge, NO. There are 100’s of different kinds to choose from.) I of course argued and lost round 1.

Round 2: Bread – Recipe calls for: 4 Slice Giant Eagle sunflower seed bread, lightly toasted. Now last night, Dave told me to get the same type of bread we had for dinner last week when he cooked (yes you did because that’s why I bought what I bought). I went to the bakery section of the store and bought some sort of Mediterranean bread loaf that just looked and smelled YUMMY and didn’t even think about slicing it up for sandwiches. I’ll say it again: I WAS IN CHARGE OF INGREDIENTS, NOT PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER. Jill loses round 2.

Round 3: Side Dish(es) Dave tells me that after foraging through my fridge/freezer last week that I have enough frozen vegetables to feed a small army so he’ll defrost and season to every one’s liking. I decide that potato chips sound like the perfect side dish to a sandwich and pick up a bag of Wavy Lays. (What? Potato’s are a vegetable.) Fast forward. I’m upstairs cleaning my room waiting for my dinner and hear Dave scream for me to “come and look at this” and am forced to view several bricks of ice and corn, ice and peas/carrots combo, ice and a medley of veggies. (I really did have enough to feed an army - or, build my very own igloo.) Round 3 looks to be a wash because of my back up plan – MY wavy vegetables and, I included fruit to our dinner. It’s officially Summer (or at least it feels that way) in Ohio and that usually means that fresh fruit is served with dinner. Luckily I had this planned out – I had a very ripe Orange to go with the Blue Moon Beer!

Victory! Victory! I’m number one! You can’t have sandwiches without the beer! And Oranges are a necessary ingredient when drinking a Blue Moon.

So there I sit, enjoying dinner and I can’t help but think that Dave somewhat resembles my dad; making me look at everything I’ve done wrong. Seriously, who does this? No wonder I have self esteem issues. Tell me what I’ve done RIGHT (make up shit if you have to). He also makes fun of how much food I have in my house that is WAY past its expiration date. Honestly, no wonder I’m broke, I buy all this food and I don’t even like to cook – so it just sits in my fridge/freezer or shelf and collects dust or congeals to a gel-like consistency. (Last week’s dinner? I was POSITIVE I had red wine vinegar or something that we (Dave) needed for the recipe. Anyway, I DID have it but, as Dave pointed out - by making me look at it – again, why? - it was like a big glob of red-wine goo.) So I like to buy stuff – that’s another story altogether. Total score: Dave is a great cook and I AM a great shopper. I also decide that Dave would be both a good dad and an awful dad all at once. Good thing we never had kids . .. (Dear God – imagine if?)

Then, just as quickly as he came and prepared dinner, he was off and out the door. Jerry came over later and we of course gossiped and laughed about everyone and anyone we could think of. Later - I got to clean up, but that was the best part - I’m a sick freak who actually LOVES to clean up. It’s the only time I can see all the stuff I’ve bought for my kitchen.


  1. ideas for left over honey:
    use it on biscuits instead of jelly

    sweeten your tea with it

    and my personal favorite:
    put some in a bowl and dip your pizza crusts in it. i know it sounds really weird, but i haven't met a person yet who tried it and didnt like it.

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  3. Melek - thanks for stopping by - and thanks for the ideas!!! Pizza crust eh? Will have to try that out ASAP!

  4. Dave sounds like a good man.


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