Monday, June 2, 2008

D-Day: Monday

OK - so Saturday and Sunday didn't go so well Diet-wise. Hey, it was a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L weekend here in Akron (a rare thing) and I had to enjoy it with potato chips and my new boyfriend - Chip -otle. So, I went to bed last night (right after finishing the chocolate ice cream in my freezer - thanks Dave for texting me about ice cream) and once again told myself that tomorrow - Monday - "I will start my diet."

It's now 9:45 am on Monday and let's see, so far I think I've consumed enough calories for a third world country. (and I'm contemplating something chocolate right now - sad.) Tomorrow, tomorrow will be better. Why tomorrow and not just start over with lunch? Because today is a co-workers birthday and we're going to lunch - so of course, THAT's not going to be diet friendly. And um, hello?? It's her birthday - so cake or some sort of chocolate MUST be involved. Too bad we have to come back to work after lunch - because we could have birthday cake SHOTS instead!

On the bright side - I'm wearing a new pair of pants that I bought in my "usual size" this weekend and they're kind of BIG on me right now - BONUS!! These pants also came with another pair of pants (What? they were buy 1 get a 2nd for $10 - how could I NOT buy a 2nd pair?), I also got 2 or was it 3? shirts, the CUTEST damn skirt in the world (yes it was three shirts - had to get cute shirt to go with said skirt) and a pair of shoes. Shut up Dave - I'll start my budget next week - I NEEDED retail therapy this weekend.

Diet and Budget - two of the ugliest words in the dictionary.


  1. Hey sister, I know exactly where you are coming from - diet and budgetwise! These past 2 weeks have been awful for me! Went out for lunch everyday last week, got Mexican take out for dinner, had lunch out yesterday - ugh! On top of that, I too, needed retail therapy and as a result dropped
    $3@! in a new Coach purse, then proceeded to buy a Coach purse accessory to hang from another Coach purse I had! And I came really close to buying another new purse at Dillard's on Saturday for $90! I need help! All plans of budgeting and saving have gone out the window!

  2. Hi! I found you over at Swishy Girl's blog...I live in Ohio too! woohoo! My kid goes to University of Akron...and sorry, but I think your boyfriend might, just MIGHT be cheating on you...with my husband, of all people. He loves him some Chip!!! I'm starting to get a little jealous...

    89 degrees on Friday!!


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