Sunday, June 1, 2008

Saturday night to Sunday afternoon . . .

Last night I went out with my friend to celebrate her 30 something birthday. We went to dinner at a fun restaurant/Martini bar/bowing alley. Yes, bowling. Bowling for the fabulous price of $80 for two hours - yes, I know - it's crazy. After our expensive bowling game we sit for awhile and listen to a band named "Skinny" (coincidence to this posting - possibly) play which was OK - except that they played mostly cover songs. For those of you from Akron/Cleveland - they used to be called Two Skinny Dorks - now they're just Skinny. Whatever. (Something I'll never be called: Skinny.)

While I sat there listening to the music I enjoyed my favorite past time, people-watching. I LOVE to people watch! It never fails to entertain me. I have all kinds of comments and thoughts on these people. Some are fabulous looking and I sooooo wish I could dress and look like them. Others I simply want to ask if they own a mirror or have any friends to tell them that "just because it fits, doesn't mean it looks good." These thoughts are, however, to make my own self feel better about my looks/body/clothes/hair or whatever it is that I'm obsessing about at the moment. Last night it was body image. I sat there and could actually feel myself giving any "skinnier than me" girl a dirty look. What is up with that?? I've been doing that a lot lately. I can't help it. I want to be skinny, but I don't want to stop eating and I definitely don't want to work out at the gym that I'm currently paying $40/month for the privilege of membership.

So, after all that feeling sorry for myself I swear to myself that "I will start working out tomorrow and eating better." That leads me to today, Sunday. The proverbial first day of the "new diet and exercise routine." So, here's how that plan went. I woke up at 6:30am, not because I was going to work out or at the very least, walk the dog. No, I got up that early because I had to pee. After that, I let the dog out to do her business and instead of lacing up my tennis shoes for a walk, I walked to the kitchen and made myself a couple of waffles that included butter and lots of syrup. (It was sugar free.) Then, for at least three or four hours, I worked off those waffles by going back to bed. (I watched Workout on Bravo that counts right?).

Around 11 a.m. I got out of bed and dressed to meet my friends for the 12:50 showing of Sex and the City. While watching the movie and absolutely drooling over all the FABULOUS clothes and oh so sexy shoes (I'm so jealous of you Carrie Bradshaw) I thought to myself again, "I want to be skinny and able to wear those kinds of clothes (well, on my salary, knock-offs, but still). So, after the movie I'm ready to be all "I'm going to get skinny, it's a nice day, I should go home and walk the dog and maybe even hit the gym for a bit."

I went to Chipolte and ordered a Steak Burrito Bowl. What? I ordered it without the beans.

Tomorrow. I'll start tomorrow.

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  1. OMG, you are too funny!! I too spend way too much money each month on my gym membership that I barely remember how to get to... and the diet starting on Sunday- I'm so there. So bad. So bad.

    So, what are we doing for lunch tomorrow?? ;)


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