Tuesday, July 8, 2008

1/2 off summer

Can you believe that Summer is 1/2 over already? OK, so "officially" it started on June 21st or there-abouts, but according to MY calendar (which is when the school buses stop and start up again) it's about 1/2 over. I'm so sad!! I am totally getting used to the longer days - I love that it doesn't get dark until about 9pm. I am also loving that the sun comes up even earlier, even though I'm not getting up any earlier. (but setting the alarm to get up earlier to walk the dog, eat breakfast or just try to get to work on time counts right?)

Today is my first day back to work after a long holiday weekend and I'm soooooooooo not in the mood to work (it really didn't take a 4 day weekend to come to that conclusion) but I have so much to do I just don't know where to start. I feel like I'm 10 years old again and I have to clean my room. Where in the FUCK do you start? The piles and piles of dirty clothes? (ewww - mom can get those) The stacks and stacks of notes, pictures, movie ticket stubs, magazines, or whatever other paper product is strewn about the floor? Wait a minute - I'm not 10 again - I'm 30-something and this is ACTUALLY my desk/my bedroom/my whole house really.

SOOOOOO need to get back to work - but what did I just do? I spent 15 minutes (OK, more like 30 minutes) looking up the points I have collected with my Visa Checking card. Turns out that I'm eligible for a $25 Target Gift Card! Yea me! GET BACK TO WORK!! I still have a full voice mail box that I'm dreading to review. I also have two expense reports that I need to complete and turn in (but don't wanna), and then there are the 100's, no, 1000's of resumes to review. Uggghhhh.

Oh, and did I mention that I'm dieting again? Yes, I have to this time, because during my last trip - I think I cut off the circulation from waist down trying to button my pants. Seriously, if I dropped anything on the floor while wearing said pants, that's where it stayed, because bending over? So, not an option. Dave has also decided to diet this time - yes, I'm a follower. Really I have to diet with him because he has decided not to drink until his birthday month, September (we'll see how that goes) and since I pretty much do all of my drinking with him, I'm now on the same diet plan.

So, here I am - day two of the "detox and diet" and well, lets see, so far all I've done (besides surf the net while not working) is think about not eating and working on my grocery list. (JC Penney - I want to go there after work - see - DON'T WANT TO WORK TODAY) While I've been thinking about NOT EATING I've consumed: Raisin Bran Cereal, toast (wheat) but with butter, grilled chicken, salad, grilled veggies, green beans, a 3 Musketeers bar (it was tiny and I totally forgot I had them hidden in my desk - so bonus!) and some Orange Slices (the candy kind). Once I found the candy bar I knew I had other candy products hidden so I was on the hunt (I can count that as cardio can't I?) Dieting sucks!!!

Dave, on the other hand, is calling me at every meal to see what I've eaten and to report what he's eating (or not eating) because of course he's eating way less (or so he tells me) and I just know that he's going to drop 100 pounds in like a day. It's like that commercial on TV - where the guy stops eating bread and goes from a beast (no, you're not a beast) to a bean pole and the woman hasn't had bread in 2 years and looses her boobs, but keeps her fat ass. That will be me. Then I'll have to take yet another anti-depressant pill (which I just remembered I forgot to take this morning - how is that possible?)

Oh well, I really should get back to work - or at least my grocery list.
Fudgesicles! Ooooohhh - got to put those on the list!

Ok - really, I NEED TO GET BACK TO WORK - I just took another 15 minutes (30) and looked up scrapbooking and photog supplies on HSN.com that I saw while channel surfing before going to bed.

Oh - but I can't wait to get home and have a fudg-sicle . . . but first a stop at JC Penney.


  1. Are you kidding me? You ate all that in one day...that is way to much sugar for a girl on a diet.
    Proper nutition (with restricted carbs and calories) and minimal exercise will work everytime. With the right mix of foods (meaning NO sugar and NO refined flour, AKA: Junk food) you will kick start your metabolism within a few weeks.

  2. Hey there! Popped over from Swishy's and have been chuckling!

    Some things I am not sure of--Dave is your husband? Your ex? The guy you can't get rid of? Your dieting pal? Your dog sitter? The guy who says your house smells like tampons and used sex toys?

    I am so confused, yet intrigued!

    And thanks for linking me! Very Cool!

    BTW, orange slices are sooo a fruit!

    : )

  3. MANIC MOM - thanks for stopping by! Your blog is great!

    I too think Orange slices are a fruit!!!

    As for Dave - he's all of the above. Sort of - although I'm not trying to get rid of him - yet. : )

    Stay tuned . . .


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