Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hump Day . . .

Well, here I am - Wednesday morning (Hump Day) and sadly, no great dream last night. What's even more maddening - is that I was able to sleep through the whole night (well, that's a good thing actually) but I didn't have to wake up in the middle of any dream to go to the bathroom and the night this happens? NO DREAM!! Ugghhh.. I even watched all sorts of stupid reality TV to get my brain working on something good.

But, nothing. And - the last thing I watched before drifting off was my new boyfriend - Benjamin Bratt - and still, NOTHING!!

But - that's not even the HALF of it!! While I was on my way to work this morning - I check my voice mail and learned that my dearest Dave got lucky last night!!! He's in ALABAMA for work for one week out of the year and hooks up. I travel EVERY OTHER WEEK - all year round - and haven't even had more than a mere DRINK with someone!! What is up with that!!

Well, since it's HUMP DAY - I feel it is my duty to go out tonight and . . . what? Nothing - I'll have a few (8) $5 martinis and go home and HOPE I have a naughty dream. My life is soooooooooooo PG right now . . .

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  1. Yeesh, I'm married and MY life is pretty much G-rated!


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