Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Zoo B Do

This past Sunday, my new BFF Jerry, and I went to the Zoo here in Akron, OH. I have lived here all of my life and sadly, I've never EVER been to the Zoo - or if I have, I don't remember it. I guess in the past, the Akron Zoo wasn't all that great, but I have to say, for a small town like Akron, OH - our Zoo was really nice!! Small - yes - but nice - Absolutely!! I did feel bad for some of the animals because their "areas" were somewhat small - and seriously these animals should have more room - but all of the areas were done well - had grass, etc. No concrete or just plain cages - thank goodness.

Jerry was an absolute RIOT at the zoo. I wanted to go mainly to take pictures with my DSLR camera that I've had since January and have used only a handful of times. So, Jerry was the tour guide and I was the tourist with her big and bulky camera trying to catch everything and anything on film. As the proper tour guide - Jerry read all of the placards describing each and every animal and exhibit. He even jumped in and helped people find the animals that were hiding!

One of the funniest things - and I swear - I ALMOST DROPPED my $600 camera - was when we walked past the parrots - this freaking bird let out a "call" or whatever birds like this do and I'm telling you that Jerry (and me too) jumped right out of his skin!! Typing this right now, I'm cracking up re-living it! This bird was PISSED and he let us know it!!

Right now at the zoo - there is a JELLY FISH exhibit and it is waaaaay cool! Check out some of my pictures - I'm still a novice with my camera - but these displays were just toooo cool.

We even got to be "hands on" and Jerry got to handle a LIVE Starfish and this made his day!

The end of the day came with a bang - LITERALLY. As we were walking out - I thought we'd seen it all, but there were FLAMINGOS gathered together to wish us off - and - some getting off as well. Seriously, as I stood there taking pictures of all the pretty pink flamingos - there they were - two DIRTY BIRDS doing the nasty for all of us to see.

I knew there was a reason I loved Flamingos.


  1. Maybe that's why they're always blushing?

    I LOVE jelly fish too! Behind glass that is. And not inside my bathing suit.

  2. Heather - never thought about the blushing birds in that way before - too funny!!

    Yes, Jellyfish fun to see behind glass - not attached to my leg!!

  3. LOL!!!! They look l ike they're sure enjoying thmeselves....naughty birds!

    I'm 45 minutes away and have never been tot he Akron Zoo either!!! My kid LIVES in akron and hasn't been to the zoo...course, he's 19...I don't know why'd HE'D go to the zoo, but I love the zoo!

  4. I gave you an award!! Check out my site to grab the pic and feel free to pass it on! :)


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