Sunday, September 7, 2008


I must go . . .

Had too much fun at IKEA while in Cincinnati so it's off to work I go tomorrow AM. I was actually proud of myself that I didn't spend one single dime while I was recruiting in the malls (I believe this is a FIRST for me) but that was only because I had gone to IKEA Tuesday night when I arrived in Cincy and had my mind set on a new coffee table, bookcase/desk for my office and an end table to match my coffee table. I feel so grown up right now, because I actually have 2 pieces of "matching" furniture in my house right now and they didn't belong to someone else before me!!

Pretty sad - I actually have other furniture in my house that isn't "hand me down" but it just feels like a long time since I've gotten something new. And, if I would have had a bigger rental car - I'd have even more new furniture here today. I guess I should thank God for small miracles and small rental cars.

Well, now I'm off to decorating sites to try to find some ideas to paint my office to match my new furniture!!

This could get expensive. . . .

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  1. Be sure to take pics of everything once you've decorated or put your finishing touches on it!


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