Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Mother Ship . . .

is right down the road from my hotel!!

And, I didn't fly this time - I have a car that I can LOAD, LOAD, LOAD up!! (well, I can load as much as my VISA will allow!!) I've already been there - had an hour to kill before I met my nephew for dinner tonight. And, he thought he got a discount here from his school - turns out - NO - bummer. So, I've got my list of things to go back and buy before I head home!!!

Why oh why don't they put an IKEA closer to my home?? Oh yeah, because I'd be B R O K E!!


  1. Enjoy your shopping and work trip!!! You're so lucky you can just pile it in the car... buy lots of cute stuff!!!!

  2. Yeah, it's a good thing there's not one here in St. Louis - I'd be there all the time! But I wouldn't mind visiting again, it's been a while!


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