Monday, October 27, 2008

Four. And please, God let there be no more!

Ok - so as I was sitting in my office - writing my comments to my peeps who commented on my previous post - #4 mouse was hiding IN. HERE. WITH. ME!!!

"How do you know this Shopgirl?" you may be wondering.

"Because, I went downstairs to the kitchen to pack my lunch for work tomorrow." (see Dave - I AM budgeting) (who am I kidding - I went down for a snack, felt guilty for eating, and packed a lunch to save face.)

Anyway . . .

While I was gone - #4 met his/her fate with the trap! I now have a routine of checking the traps EVERYTiME I walk by one. So, when I came back in my office - I just glanced over - expecting to see an empty (but still loaded with PB) trap - and to my horror there was #4.

OK - HP - he/she was tiny and I did feel a little bit sad for him/her but I snapped back to reality. He/she is a dirty rodent and must die. From the looks of it (ick) it was swift.

Please Dear Lord Baby Jesus.... let this be the last of them.


  1. Oh no, I hope you got them all. We used to have mice at my old job and they were terrible to get rid of. Good luck!

  2. Are you sure you have mice? I mean have you seen their matchbox beds and little spools for tables? Until you see that, I'd be skeptical. :)

  3. ROAR! You got him Tom! :) Poor Jerry, never saw it coming. :(

  4. Thanks Casey! I HOPE this was the last of 'em - he was tiny - maybe he was the baby of the bunch. (awww, that IS a LITTLE BIT sad - but not really)

    SB - If I see "furniture" for these little guys, I'm soooooooooooo outta there!!

    Miss Jack - I wish I could say I felt all "SHE-WOMAN" but not so much. I'm such a little girl when it comes to these things. I'm generally screaming/crying as I'm removing the traps. Uggh, just thinking about it now gives me the heeby geebies

  5. Mice in the office? Put them to work! Look what happened when Mickey was caught. He made Disney billions!


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