Monday, October 27, 2008

Out, damn'd Mouse!

Update: as of last week – I had caught 3 mice (well, the traps did) and I disposed of them (trap and all – as IF I would keep the trap). So I thought I was DONE. I mean, I hadn’t seen any more mouse droppings and the traps still had peanut butter – so at least I didn’t have a “smart mouse” that was able to get the PB without getting his little head snapped in the trap. All is good right?

Wrong! Oh. So. Wrong.

I was doing ok (ok, so not really –but I’ve had mice before and even back when I lived with my parents in their NICE house we would have a mouse or two every year.) But that was when my DAD would handle all of that – he’d set the traps and dispose of the carcass. Now, it’s up to ME. And, really? A girl should NOT have to do this kind of thing. Back in my college days, I was all “I am woman, hear me roar!” but these days and in cases of mice in the house? Not so much. I want a MAN (hot of course) to take care of this stuff. Killing spiders too – eck – definitely a boys job. Ok, sorry I drifted – back to my story.

So this past Saturday night I’m in my office – UPSTAIRS – next to my BEDROOM and I SWEAR I saw something move across the baseboard. Now, normally I’d be all like “I’m tired – it was nothing.” Not now. I KNOW it was the FOURTH mouse. And he’s UPSTAIRS next to my BEDROOM!! (yes, I know I repeated myself – it’s worth repeating) HE’S a TAD to close for me!! So, I march DOWNSTAIRS and check the trap I have set up – it’s still loaded with PB so it’s not like he’s gotten the bait – he’s just RELOCATED himself to a warmer part of the house.

Well, since my BEDROOM is right next door there is NO WAY I’m letting this RODENT live just one more minute in my house. I know that Mickey and the mice from Cinderella were all cute and fluffy - but this is a RODENT and he MUST DIE (and any/all members of his family). He is getting NO WHERE NEAR MY BEDROOM – at least not while I’m there. I have a hard and fast rule about not sharing my bed with anyone who doesn’t ‘BRING A BIG SMILE TO MY FACE’ and there “ain’t no way this creature is gonna do that” so he must go.

So last night I went to bed – traps set and hoped (even though it’s not the way I wanted to start a Monday morning) that I would have DEAD mouse this am to deal with.

Wrong. So. Effing. Wrong.

I have another smart mouse and he was able to get the PB off the trap – and probably feed his effing family of 100! GOD HELP ME!!

This morning I re-set the traps with the PB spread so thin and close to the trip of the trap grabbed my things and got the hell out of there.

If he’s not dead when I come home – I’m moving.


  1. GET OUT, MOUSE!! You have not been invited to the ever-present party at Shopgirl's!! I feel for ya, Sister!! YUCK!

  2. Thanks sister - I guess you don't want to move in with me now, eh? ha ha!!

    Hurry up and buy your house - I may have to move in with YOU!!

  3. OK, you are going to laugh at this but I swear by it. When I first moved in to the house we're in now we had mice like CRAZY! I even bought live traps because I couldn't bear finding dead mice all over the house. I drove them WAAAAAY out in the country and released them. Until the day when I realized I hadn't checked the traps for a few days and there was a dead mouse in there and I felt horrible. So, I vowed no more mice would die but they HAD TO MOVE. I will share the world with them but not my home. So I got some of those noisy things? They look kind of like nightlights and you plug them in to the wall and they emit these super sonic screehes which I guess the mice can't stand. Well, I got some of those. And they worked!! And they didn't even bother the dog!! So save yourself the ick factor and go get some screechy plug-in mice eliminators! Do it today!

    (this is not a paid advertisement)

  4. Girlfriend, may I call you girlfriend? You're the dancing cookie's friend, huh? Well, I hope you'll be my friend too! Thanks so much for stopping by! And the mouse thing? Yeah, I don't mind the spiders and bugs, but the mice? Nuh-uh!! A friend of mine bought really strong peppermint exstract from a baking goods store and coated cotton balls and left those lying around her house for a week. Apparently mice hate that smell, too irritating, and evacuated. It worked like a charm! Their mouse had even outsmarted some earlier traps!

  5. Stinky Bee - Of course you can call me your girlfriend - you just can't call me your bitch! hee hee!!

    I'm going to try the peppermint thing because I have no dead mice tonight BUT the PB is still in tact!

  6. Oh HP - you are so sweet - and to mice even - but the supersonic noise things? well, um no. I have em - in every outlet even - they don't work. - I think mine send out a tune/signal that goes like this: "Day! MEECE say Day, Meece say Day, Meece say day- ay o - October come and we want to live in shopgirl's home! Day! MEECE say day, Meece say day, meece say day -ay o! - We're so smart that we'll never leave this home!!"

    Yeah - I'm all about saving the poochers and kitters but MICE - eh eh - I'm ok with killing them - sorry! (although - lab testing? not so much) I also don't want them to suffer - which is why I don't do the poison. (who am I kidding? I don't want dead rotting mice in my walls) Just a quick and simple snap of the neck works for me!

  7. We had a couple a while back, we caught 2 and put 2 more traps down (the sticky kind. The thing is we forgot about them (wmy husband and I thought the other person was checking it). I started thinking the diaper genie was starting to really stink, I even bleached it. I was crawling around on the floor sniffing at the diaper genie...and then it hit me....check the traps dummy...yup dead rotting mouse. sooo gross. And who do you think had to get rid of it....yeah hubby made me do it, gee thanks honey!!

    Good luck getting rid of those little bastards!!

  8. Okay. That was so "I am woman, hear me roar" attitude. Like it or not. OH, and heatherpride had a great idea. My grandmother swears by those things. Supposedly, they keep spiders and other insects at bay too! Good luck!

  9. Oh Miss Jack - I must have bad Supersonic noise busters. ; ( Spiders too eh? Nope, not in my house. I also have spiders - which are quite fun (not) - but I'd take spiders over mice any day (as long as they stay like the small ones I have)

    Oy Vey!


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