Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I am not a Doctor . . .

I think I’m going to DIE. (Well, not really, but it sure feels like it.) I have a MOTHER of a MIGRAINE headache today.

It all started yesterday. I can’t believe I’m about to say this – but I’m glad it’s just a headache and not the cold I was SURE I was going to catch from a co-worker (you know who you are – ha ha) that I was trapped in a meeting room with no fresh air circulating for 2 hours yesterday. If there’s anything I hate more than a headache it’s a MISERABLE COLD!! And from the looks of my co-worker yesterday afternoon during our meeting, (seriously sister, that’s what SICK days are for!!) it looked awful. I did feel bad for her – BUT, being the hypochondriac that I am, I IMMEDIATELY started to feel all achy and developed this Migraine.

I was totally prepared (and am still waiting) to wake up sniffling and coughing this morning. It won’t happen – not until Sunday night because Monday morning I leave for Florida for work. THAT’s when I’ll get it. Good times, I can’t wait.

So back to my Migraine and the fact that I’m not a Doctor. I’ve been popping my Migraine medicine all damn day and it is sooooooooooooo not working. I’d go home, but as soon as I walk in my door, my PRECIOUS POOCH will knock me over and bug the ever living daylights out of me because I’m not taking her for a walk. So, I’ll just stay at work and try to get something done – like this blog. (Hey, the smokers get to take 5-10 “smoke breaks” a day – this is MY smoke break and I type fast.)

So I’ve tried my migraine meds – not working.
I’ve tried regular Ibuprofen - 3 at a time – not working.
I’ve tried REGULAR Pepsi – instead of Diet – not working.
Water instead of caffeine? NOPE.

Well, I just got back from lunch – where I decided to medicate with FOOD. It’s the answer for everything else in my life, why not a headache?

I went to Panera Bread and had myself half of a Grilled Chicken Panini with Black Bean soup AND a shortbread cookie.

Now I have a headache AND I need to unbutton my pants if I want to sit down for the rest of the day . . . I am not a Doctor!


  1. OK, I would have put money that the shortbread cookie would have totally cured the headache. Maybe you'd better have another, just to be sure?

  2. ya but what a great lunch that was! I love me some Panera!! YUM.

    what do you take for your migraines? I tried Imatrex once but had a reaction to it....now the only thing that works for me is Excedrin Migraine....about 20 of 'em! ;)

  3. I have had that shortbread cookie. That shortbread cookie has healing powers. You have one mammajamma headache. Get some sleep and hopefully tomorrow, it will be gone. That's pretty much the only thing that works for me. That's my assvice. :-)

  4. Heather Pride - Oh yes, I soooo wanted a 2nd cookie!! I may have to stop on the way home. . .

    Beth - yes, Panera is the BEST - really can't go wrong there. I take Midorin (?) I've just tried it - it seems to do the trick - sometimes anyway. Excedrin Migraine usually works too.


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