Thursday, October 9, 2008

I carried a watermelon . . .

Do you remember the movie Dirty Dancing? Of course you do - OMG - who DIDN'T swoon over Patrick Swayze and wish she could dance with Johnny? Remember the scene where Baby and Johnny meet for the first time and she says "I carried a watermelon?" She was horrified - I carried a watermelon? What kind of line is that?? Well, I can relate to Baby.

I was just at the gas station filling up and this TOTALLY GORGEOUS guy noticed that I was not only filling up my car but I was also filling up extra gas cans. (In our area - our local grocery store gives .10 off a gallon of gas for every $50 we spend in their store. I had a total of $2 off a gallon of gas and since gas is $2.97 right now - I figured I'd fill up the car AND the extra cans - because, well, I'm cheap) So, TOTALLY GORGEOUS GUY (TGG) notices me filling up and says, something like 'you must have like a $1.00 off a gallon - eh?' I tell him that I have $2 off and he replies, "get outta here!" in a very Brooklyn - Joeyesque way. Which, by the way, makes me want him even more.

So what is my BIG COME BACK? "uh huh, $2 off." I'm not kidding - that's ALL I said! Oh, no, wait - I did tell him to "have a nice day" as I got in my car and drove off. Without his number or giving him mine.

I'm telling you - this guy was HOT HOT HOT and he initiated conversation with me and what do I do? Wish him a nice effing day... How about when he said 'get outta here' I should have said: 'OK, your place or mine? Or, "it's birthday month - want to be my present and um future??" No, I wish him a nice ding dong day!!!

I carried a watermelon indeed.
I'm going to be single for the rest of my life . . .


  1. OMG, that's a hilarious story. Don't worry, I never think of a good comeback line until either it's way too late.
    And where do you get coupons for gas? That sounds too good to be true!

  2. Hi Casey - yes - I thought of a MILLION things to say - after I was long gone of course...

    It's not coupons - we have Giant Eagle grocery stores here and for every $50 we spend in the store - we get anywhere from .15-.20 cents off a gallon of gas. They sell gift cards at the store too - so if I'm going shopping - like at the home depot - I buy GC and get the .15-.20 off per $50 spent. It can add up fast!!

  3. Oh no, girlfriend, you are playing hard to get and now he can't get you off his mind! He's going to show up at that gas station at the same time next week, so I'm telling you right now, you make sure your tank needs a fill up. I'm pretty sure this is going to happen. Well, in most of the movies this is the way it would happen, anyway. Heck, give it a try!

  4. You are too funny! I love that story, b/c back in the day that would have been me. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Don't hate me I'm actually really good (most of the time) with come backs. My sister and I shared a room growing up and, no joke, she used to quiz me a night about i would say if..... She wasn't very good w come backs so she was practicing.

    Cute post you made my Thursday!!

  6. Damn, that comment kinda sounds like broken Englis. Do you know what I meant? (she used to quiz me at night about what i would say if....) Sorry my daughter seriously kept me up all night and I had to leave for work at 5:00... Brain. Not. Working.

  7. Oh my god seriously I did it again...English. O I so need a nap, but now it's time for an hour long commute.

  8. Supervised Mama - you are funny!
    hmmmm... practicing comments eh? Maybe I'll have to practice. But - I know me, I'll get nervous and forget!!

    now go take a nap girlie!!

  9. Too funny. And now I need to watch Dirty Dancing. :)

    I missed you at work these past 2 days!!!

  10. "I carried a watermelon" HAHAHAHA! I freakin LOVELOVELOVE that movie!!!! It's THE BEST!!!!

    I gotta get together with crack me up!

  11. dee marie - sadly, i'll be back in the am - thank god you'll be there... beth - i soooo think we should get together - you, me, de marieee- we'll represent Ohio for the blog world!!!

  12. I found your blog from DeeMarie's.

    I totally feel your pain.

    When I was in college I had a crush on a guy in my public speaking class. He gave a speech all about vitamins (he worked at GNC). I swooned over him all semester, and then after graduation (he was a senior, I was a lowly sophomore) I saw him at our local bar. He came up to talk to me, and said something like, "Hey, your from my public speaking class, right? I noticed you all semester!" and I answered back with "I LOVE vitamins." And then just stood there, mute. And he said, "Um, okay, well, nice to finally meet you."

    It was horrific. My watermelon moment.

  13. Hi Elle Charlie! Thanks for stopping by!
    What a great (well, funny anyway) story!! Yep - that was money well spent for public speaking eh??

    Sadly, I majored in Public Speaking too - gave many many speaches, etc - but can I talk to a complete (hot) stranger? NOPE.


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