Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just an afternoon giggle . . .

We all know that I love and hate my job. Well, right now I love my job - because of this candidate who shall remain nameless. This candidate works at the the Loaf N' Jug (I don't even know what that is - and I can't call to find out because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to contain myself), AND they are the recipient of the Store Image Award.



  1. OMG... I totally looked at that candidate too!! Couldn't get past the name!! Too funny!!!!

  2. Well, one can only assume that this person either possesses either amazing loafs or jugs. Or perhaps both. And does a person possess one loaf or two? I'm not sure what a loaf is, exactly. I know what jugs are though. (Thank you, hidden Playboys under my friend's dad's bed!)

  3. Did you like my redundant usage of "either" in that comment? Me too.

  4. Dee - yes, THIS is the part of my job I think I enjoy the most - making fun of names/work places, etc. Pretty sad for an HR rep eh?

    HP - your grammar is superburb! And, after being "all about the bunny" a few months back - I know what jugs are too - as well as own my own set. But a loaf? Hmmm... I can only think of something pretty gross when it comes to a loaf . . . ewwwwwww


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