Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tricky trickster . . .

So – now that I’m back to my blogging self – I see that there’s a new Spin Cycle for the Tricksters!

I sooooooooo loves to play tricks on other people and do not fancy them being played on me. Nope – I do not play well in the sand box. Just ask my mom – she knew this right away and sent me to pre-school twice so I would learn to play nice – mom, you should get your money back.

But this post isn’t about ME (yeah right) it’s about a trick that I played, right? Well, I’ve played many in my day and hope to play many many more – but I have to say one of my favorite tricks happened about 8 years ago.

A group of friends and I went on a Caribbean cruise. There were about 10 of us on this cruise. It was me, my boyfriend Don (who we called Wally – I don’t know why – it was a high school nickname that stuck I guess) so it was me and Wally, my friend Robin and her boyfriend Mike, Lisa and Rich, Tracey and Ben and Tracey’s parents. So, we’re all excited the day of the cruise and we met at Robin/Mike’s house – had our Pre-cruise picture taken before Rob’s dad took us to the airport. (Yes, we were too cheap to drive ourselves and park our cars for 10 days).

We get to the airport, check in and make it to our seats on the plane (not anywhere near each other.) We take off, all is well and the flight attendant (male and VERY GAY) comes by and notices my cruise information and tries to play a trick on ME by telling me that the captain just “got a call from the ship/port and was told that the cruise had been canceled due to bad weather.” Pffftt!! I mock him to his face. “Nice try, I was born at night but not last night. Move along my friend.” Wally and I just laughed it off – but when the flight attendant came back our way, I told him that I didn’t buy his story but I knew someone that WOULD, my then BFF Robin who was also named “Most Gullible” in HS.

So, I told him where she was sitting, what she looked like and so on and off he went. Now, Robin and Mike were sitting in the very back of the plane and Wally and I were almost in the front. We waited for the flight attendant to come back and give us her reaction – but we didn’t need to because we heard – above the noise of the plane – “you’ve gotta be shitting me!!”
Side note: I’m honestly tearing up laughing as I write this, because Robins’ voice is a high pitched squeal, and she’s just as loud or LOUDER than me – so this was HUH-STER-ICAL – (hysterical for those of you that don’t speak hyphenation.)

So, the FA comes back to our seats and says to me (almost panicking) “she bought it.” Wally and I could barely contain ourselves. The FA wanted to go back and tell her it was just a joke but I said ABSOLUTELY NOT. So, we let Mike and Robin think that our cruise had been canceled. I mean, come on, WHO would believe that the GD shipping/port/cruise would RADIO to a plane in the sky that the trip was cancelled??? My friend Robin and her now husband Mike – that’s who.

So, about two hours later, we’re just about to land and the FA tells me that he’s going to let Robin in on the joke. Again, we wait for him to come back and tell us her reaction and AGAIN, we don’t have to. “JILL!!!!!!! Oh my God! I’m going to kill you!!” Again, Wally and I nearly wet ourselves from all of this. She (Robin) is so EASY to get!!

Little did we know that not only was Robin the MOST GULLIBLE on this plane ride. Nearly half of the plane heard this joke and I guess that’s ALL they talked about for the ride down!! Honestly, it was a big plane and not a short bus that we were on.

Needless to say, Robin and half the plane and cruisers were not exactly happy with me and Wally. Our FA, however, thoroughly enjoyed the plane ride - as Wally and I had several cocktails on his behalf. He couldn’t believe how everyone fell for it.

Everyone got over it- and we had a great cruise – although Wally and I were very well known all week long as the “pranksters.”


  1. That is a great story! Robin reminds me of this girl I went to school with - once we actually convinced her that there was going to be an extra 2 hours tacked on to every day on account of global warming slowing the earth's rotation. We all started talking about the new clocks with the "13s" on them - as in, "have you gotten your new clock, yet? that 13:00 is really crazy!" and she totally bought it. This is the same girl who one time whispered in my ear, "that guy may be 5'12" but he's no six foot!!" Maybe the most hysterical comment ever. Robin and my old friend - we should introduce them sometime.

  2. OMG - Yes, I think your friend is Robin's long lost twin or something. She was always good for a laugh - and god love her - she was a good sport about being laughed at - something I'm not.

    God she was fun . . .

  3. You prankster, you! How deliciously evil! Love it, of course.
    You, my dear, are linked!

  4. I love gullible friends, they're the best kind to have. I'm surprised more people didn't get mad at you since they were going on the cruise too! Great trick...

  5. That's a great story - and a good trick (the tiniest bit mean, but aren't all the great ones?)

  6. Awesone prank!, I'd be freaking out too. I'd probably fall for it cuz that's usually how my luck goes.

  7. Are you and Jen(spriteskeeper) sisters? She thinks she is adopted?

  8. Okay, you my friend are evil. Evil. Evil. Evil. And I'm only saying that because I am the Robin in the story. I can be tricked and tricked good too. Hay, don't worry, I still like you. It's a fantastic story and awesomesauce prank if I ever heard one. I'm just wondering though....if it was me, as soon as I heard the news, I would have ran up to all my friends telling them what I just found out. Why didn't she?

  9. What a great spin! Gullible friends are the best.


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