Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I had a post . . .really I did . . .

And now? I can't remember it. Seriously people - I think I'm coming down the CRS disease -(Can't remember shinola). I was backing out of my driveway this morning, trying very hard not to hit anything - like the garbage can, or worse - the house. (mental note: the next house I have will have an ATTACHED GARAGE and a BIGGER DRIVEWAY - not just one lane. - things I didn't pay attention to when I was buying this damn house) Anyway, I was backing out and I had the funniest thing to write about and I was like "oh, as soon as I get to work - I'll jot that down so I can post it." Do you think I can remember it now? NOPE!! I'm sooooooo mad!! This happens ALL THE TIME lately.

Seriously - I'll be upstairs in my room and realize that I need something downstairs - I go downstairs and by the time I get down there, I've forgotten what I came down for!! So there I am - usually staring at Daisy somehow hoping that she will one day just be able to talk and say "listen you dumbass, you came down here for _______ oh, and since we're down here, can I have a cookie?"

So, I guess since I can't remember my post - I'll get back to work - even though I don't want to, and even though I have a ton of resumes to get through, 2 meetings back to back and who knows what else - because you KNOW I've forgotten already!!

Have a great day everyone - and if I remember that FUNNY post I had in my tiny little brain this morning - I'll be sure to write it immediately!!


  1. I've lost so many posts after they've floated around in my head for too long without me writing them down!! Dang it!

  2. When I forget what I was going to do or write, I just go back where I was and sit down. For me, my "remember gene" is in my butt. Once I sit down and apply pressure to it, then I suddenly remember. Quick, run home and sit down. It'll come to you, if not, then take a nap. Either way, it beats work, right?

  3. I do that all the time. There are so many unwritten funny (maybe) posts on my blog but there is zero proof. Hope you remember soon!


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