Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm here . . . really I am . . .

It's just that for ONCE in my life - I have nothing to say, er write, about. I know - for those of you that know me IRL - you're thinking - pffftt! Shopgirl has NOTHING to say? You were BORN talking. Actually, I wasn't - I had to take a special speech class when I was younger because I wouldn't talk and when I did, I couldn't quite sound out my s's and th's and f's.

Hmmm.. my favorite words now: Shit, Fuck and Motherfucker. Classy. I know you wish you were more like me. And Mom? Kudos on spending dad's money so wisely.

Anyway - I am here - and I'm reading all of your blogs - but as you guessed it, not commenting - because for some reason - I just can't get the words onto the blog post. Even Dave sent me a text yesterday asking me to post SOMETHING, ANYTHING. Well, here it is - it's not my finest post and actually - it's not really a post - just an explanation as to where I've been and what I've been up to.

So, since my last post a week ago I have and will:

1. Read all of your blogs - and DID post on some - for those that I didn't again - my apologies but I'm still reading!

2. Read the book Twilight - umm, if you would have asked me if I'd EVER read a book about Vampires (and a young adult book) I'd have answered in my best Cher voice from Clueless "as if!"

3. Slept, slept and slept - that was pretty much my weekend recap - major depression - I HATE this time of year.

4. Started my new meds to take care of #3 and this time, Dave, I promise to take them everyday. I even got one of those fancy smancy day of the week pill boxes.

5. Was a good daughter and painted my mom and dad's bathroom over the weekend.

6. Chased the great HOUDINI, Daisy Dog all over the neighborhood because I bought The Gentle Leader in hopes that it would stop her from pulling me all over the place when we go for our walks.

7. Return said Gentle Leader to PetSmart THIS weekend.

8. Will write a letter to GL asking for disclaimer to be put on box stating that their product DOES NOT WORK on this dog.

9. Begin reading New Moon - Can't. Believe. I'm reading. A book. About Vampires. But it's sooooo good and I'm sure I'll have to see the movie now too.

10. Heading to craft show with the girls to buy this bag, this bag or maybe this bag.

Shut up now, Dave! - this is TOTALLY with-in my budget! I have been saving my change (seriously I have) since this summer and have enough money in quarters and nickels to buy ONE bag. (And maybe an accessory or two.)

Hey - someone's got to keep the economy moving right?

So - I guess for not having much to say - I really did. I promise to get back on track and start posting more interesting stories soon. I'm sure I'll have some good girl gossip after this weekend!

Have a great weekend my fellow bloggers!


  1. Welcome back, stranger!! I'm starting Twilight either tonight or tomorrow!

  2. Dee is so behind the times. Start the dang book already!!! Sheesh, I've only been telling her this since like, August, but whatev.

    My posts have been off lately - it's a tough decision whether to not post at all or to post crap. You chose not posting and that was the wiser decision than posting the crap I've had up in the last couple of weeks.

    That said, you better come back and comment on my crap! Or else! ;)

  3. Ha, gentle leader didn't work on our dogs either.. we had to resort to the choke chains with the prongs. Funny that, we have the same exact favorite words! Haven't read Twilight, no time.

  4. Glad to hear from you. And I think I'm giving you the awesomesauce award for painting your parent's bathroom over the weekend. So look for it in your inbox. :)

  5. Okay, that's not going to work. You need to shoot me an email so I can send it to you. Okay?


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