Monday, November 3, 2008


Good Monday morning my fellow bloggers! Never in my life would I have thought I'd utter these words, but I'm actually glad (well, kinda) it's Monday. This past weekend was, eh, not the greatest (not the worst either) but I'm so glad it's over non-the-less. And to top it off (of course, it's a Monday) I have another MIGRAINE headache. I would have stayed home today but believe it or not, laying down makes it worse - so here I am . . .

A few of you have asked me about my mouse situation - and I'm happy to announce (knock on wood) that I think I have gotten rid of the mousers. I've still got traps set because last night, I had the most WICKED dream nightmare about mice in the house. In my dream my house was INFESTED with mice!! YOWZERS!!! It was horrible! I had all these traps set and as soon as I put them down on the floor - a mouse would get caught but NOT DIE!! No wonder I woke up this morning with another MOTHER OF A MIGRAINE!!

So, say a prayer for me, and let's hope that this nightmare was just that, a bad dream and that the mousers are gone for good at shopgirl's house!!

I'll be back to my regular posting self later this week once I kick this migraine to the curb. Have a great Monday . . .


  1. I'm so happy you got them all!! And I hope your migraine goes away quick, sister!!

  2. it was only a was only a was only a dream.

  3. Hope you feel better soon! And that the mice are only in your head and not your house!

  4. I'm going to go against the grain on this one. What if they are good mice like Cinderella? I leave crumbs out on purpose and all my clothes that need hems and stitching in hopes that they sew all day whilst singing and eating cheese. So far, no luck, but a girl's gotta be positive!

  5. Oh SB - you are too funny!! I'm pretty sure these were NOT worker MICE!! But it is a nice thought!!

    Beth and HP - I do hope it's all in my head - could be the reason for the Migraine - eh?

    DeeMarie aka "cookie" thanks sister - it's still here - but the day is done - and I'm outta here!

  6. Oh dear. I just paid extra close attention to your avatar picture. Those blinds? Oh, my. You must love that dog.

  7. I hope the migraine is all gone by now!!


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