Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You do WHAT at your job?

So, I'm perusing through the hundreds of resumes that I should have perused days ago, and I came across on application in particular that made me do a double take.

This person is from UT - but it's not the infamous Stinky Bee (I don't think anyway!) and that's all I'll disclose about the candidate. Don't need to lose my jobs here my peeps!

Anyway - I'm looking through the application (see? not even going to say if it's a he or SHE - whoops!). So the work history is good - been at their job longer than 2 days - er, a year, yeah - that's what I look for. Anyway - they have the mad skillz I'm looking for. And then I get to their description of their job duties. This is what they put: Sales ass and the Assistant manager.

I swear, it's true - I didn't make this up! She also QUIT her job - who could blame her? I've been known to make an ASS of myself on an occasion or twenty. But to make it my profession? I guess I'd quit too (or I'd like to think my friends would step in and conduct an intervention.)

This Wacky Wednesday Witticism has been brought to you by my wonderful job that I must get back to!


  1. HEE HEE - I was a sales ass who sold copiers and fax machines once upon a time. That title fits my job description pretty well, I think.

  2. I just reviewed a resume of an Ass Manager. I don't even want to know what that entails.

  3. From now I'm going to start saying "Legal ass by day, wench by night" on any and all titles I must fill in...

    Oh this was too funny!

  4. I was a sales ass too! hmmm.. now I'm a recruiter for sales ass - or maybe just ass(es)? Oh I cracks myself up!!

  5. I dated a guy once who came home from an engineering conference and had a nametag that said "Ex-Boyfriend, Communications Ass" and I was like, "Um, I think you really wanted to add a t to that..."

  6. Typical of corporate America. Two jobs and I bet they paid her for only doing on.

    My ex isn't in sales but he is still an ass, should I have him send you his resume.

  7. Thanks for the laugh! And for pointing out why people need to PROOFREAD their resume or have a friend look it over--yikes!


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