Friday, February 27, 2009


Ok - so I'm not Catholic and at my church we really don't (or haven't been taught to) give up anything for lent. But, after tonight, I think I may (have to) give up something. My Cell Phone
: (

I just logged on line to my cell phone account and Thank God I was sitting down. Ok, last month my bill was a normal (well as normal as it usually is) dollar amount. This month? And remember, I've lost my job and have apparently been calling LOTS of places for a new job and my palio Dave - (who BTW is NOT ON MY PLAN) So this months bill?

Wait for it......

R U Sitting down?

Seriously? You should sit.... (trust me)


What. The. Fuck?????????????????????????????????????????
I could get a Louis Vuitton! Or SEVERAL Coach wallets or one VERY nice Coach purse.

I. Fucking. Hate. VERIZON!!!

And, I was doing sooooooooooo good being all happy what with the new Puppy and all... Well? it's Ramen noodles and cereal for the next couple months................

Hmmm..... let's try to find a positive in this.... If I only eat Ramen noodles and cereal for the next month or so:
1. I'll be able to repay the phone bill and still be able to answer calls from prospective employers.
2. I'll probably lose some weight and my suits for interviews with said prospective employers will probably fit better.
3. I won't have to give up my lifeline to all those Dave and Jerry friends who aren't on my plan.

Well, that's not very many positives - but that's all I can come up with. Any other ideas on how to pay back the Louis Vuitton-esque bill?

Blog responses only - no phone calls PLEASE!


  1. OMG - I can't even imagine how a cell phone bill could be that much!!!! Holy crap - and what an unpleasant surprise. Sorry! :(

  2. MY EYES!!! Oh, Shopgirl!! This is tragic. I would cry. Call them and ask them for a payment plan. So sorry!

  3. OUCH! omg god girl and I thought my bill was bad at $100. I cannot imagine and doesn't being unemployed suck (yup, i'm in the same boat as u in that case)

    good luck, hopefully they will let you split this up or something...


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